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Of Breastfeeding and Motherhood

Mira was born at 2.9kgs via ‘e’ CS. I was so eager and decided to do breastfeeding right after giving birth. Thankful with the NICU Nurse Ms Jane helped me initiate breastfeeding when I woke up in the PACU. She gave Mira to me, taught me how I can make Mira latch on me and never left my side until Mira was calmly latching. I fed Mira on demand. Changed her clothes and nappies. Cuddle her to sleep. 

I taught we were doing great in taking care of her until Day 3, she had an infection in her umbilical cord. We left the hospital with Mira having an IV line for antibiotics. On day 4, I noticed she is more yellowish than normal.  Pedia Doctor said it is physiologic and can still be cured with sunlight.

When we were almost done with her IV antibiotics, Day 8, I noticed her jaundiced is getting worst. It was Valentine’s Day, I asked Cj if we can go to the Pedia Doctor because I think Mira is sick. She also hasn’t passed her poop since day 5. We were immediately admitted at Tagaytay Medical Cent…

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