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What I Learned About Weddings

Planning for my wedding has taught me a number of life / wedding hacks. I believe it made me become more practical, patient and wise. I was also able to know myself deeper than expected and my soon to be husband(that time). We gained experiences that brought us even more closer to each other and had been a big part of our relationship. Some say, wedding planning can make or break a couple's relationship. Its true that there will come a time during the planning where the couple will go through an argument but never let it break you. Always think of what it can teach your relationship and what you can gain from it. Cj always remind me that whatever happen, what matters most is our love for each other. And that is the major reason why I stayed as a 'BrideChilla'.💍
This post will consists of some wedding hacks I learned, my wedding planning details, some side stories on how we come up with our simple yet elegant wedding. ❤️
BE ORGANIZED This is number one on my list. As a bride …

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