Yes, I'm engaged! What's next?

After all the euphoria of getting engage, bride-to-be welcomes the dilemma / excitement of Wedding Planning. This is the phase where you can chose to be a "bridechilla" or a "bridezilla" and of course, I prefer not to be the latter. Since I'm a self admitted OC person, I personally chose to be hands on during our wedding planning. And that is what I am most grateful about. Wedding Planning has taught me a lot and I wanna share it to every bride-to-be that's been so excited walking down the aisle while her prince charming is waiting.
I didn't took much photo of my e-ring. :) Here's the exact proposal moment.

Post Engagement Dinner. Family Announcement.

First things first! Right after the engagement and the family announcement, sit down with your ex-boyfriend (now, fiance :) ) and talk about the major details about your wedding.

I say it must be the first one to consider because the couples must stick to this especially if you're planning to save some for the 'after wedding day life'. And we honestly did not. I have always been honest to Cj about sharing some for our wedding but he'd rather not discuss it with me so he does the business with our suppliers.

We attended a wedding and posted the photo on social media.
Everyone thought it was our Pre-Nup.

When will be the big day?

This is very important! This is the very basic info most suppliers ask when you inquire with them!
Ours was March 11, 2017. We wanted to held our wedding on our bf-gf anniversary date but unfortunately it doesn't fall on a weekend, so we decided to just choose a random date. Seriously! Hahaha.

Love at First Sight ♥

Where will it be?
Church? Garden? Beach? In today's wedding trend, there are actually a lot of place to chose to get married to. My take on this is that the couple must also take consideration of their guests. If you're planning to do a destination wedding, make sure there will be hotel / airbnb nearby for your immediate family, entourage and some guests who wants to check in the night before your wedding. If you're choosing to be wed in a Church, consider the rules and regulations of some churches and the parking area for your guests.

We initially booked an intimate venue in Tagaytay but I persisted to do an ocular in The Forest Barn and when I saw it, I walked down its aisle, I told Cj "Pede kalimutan na natin yung downpayment dun sa .....?" and he agreed with me. That is why it is very important to do your oculars!!! You will immediately feel if its really the one!

What will be the theme?

This will be the core of the wedding planning. If you wanted to stick to one idea for your wedding, you must choose a theme. A theme thats best suits you and your husband to be. A theme that describes your relationship. What are your interest as a couple? What you usually do together?
We preferred the Rustic-Travel Theme and just incorporated the Nursing idea on our pre-nup. Cj and I have been travelling together since we started our relationship thus the Rustic-Travel theme, we were also both Registered Nurses thus the Operating Room Pre-Nup Photoshoot. Few knew about how our relationship started so this is also a chance for them to know the couple more.

Here are some of the major details to discuss with your soon to be husband. Looks easy upon reading, but it doesn't! Really! Been there and honestly it took us around 2 months to get the final answer to these questions. Now, what's next? Accomplished a set of checklist, make sure to get your documents ready for legal purposes and of course, do an emotional and spiritual check before saying I do. On to the next episode of this series.... Enjoy the planning bride to be's! :) Always remember, Be the BrideChilla! :)
Love, Dys ♥

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