Deli De San Honore

We love trying out new restaurants and food hubs! So I'm also planning to include an "Eat Everything" posts in this blog to share with you our chosen experiences Today, I'd like to introduce this secret place in Tagaytay that Cj and I have been dining out since last year. It is a hidden gem located at Baranggay Neogan, Tagaytay City. You can easily find it in Waze and Google Maps. It was Cj's cousin who taught us about this restaurant. The first we've been here was Christmas Day and we ate with the whole family (Cj's side). Since then it has became a family's favorite!

Christmas 2016

The restaurant is owned by Chef Jeremy. He is a UST Graduate then studied and worked abroad. They serve American Cuisine, Desserts and Pastries. They only opens on weekend and yes, a reservation is a must! You may contact 09159591675 for info and reservations. You may also check their Facebook Page - Deli De San Honore

What we like about this restaurant is it's amazing ambiance. It may be a small area but the place is very much cozy. On sunny day, you can chose to dine in their garden area. Their employees are very much accommodating.

On the right side is their house salad. It is so fresh because Chef Jeremy has his own garden below the restaurant and this is where he gets his fresh raw ingredients. The salad dressing which is a white balsamic vinaigrette is so good! Two thumbs up! And the serving size can accomodate 2-3 people. On the left side is their D'Deli Pizza which consisted of Jambon blanc, Egg, Argula and Truffle Oil is one of the best in their menu!! Many people know I don't eat greens but this is an exception!

Meanwhile, our main course is their House Special which is Herb de Provence Pork Chop. It is served with side salad, garlic rice, sweet pickle chips and stir fried french beans. The pork chop is so juicy and you can really taste the herbs inside. Again, I'm overwhelmed with the serving size. This picture doesn't give any justice to its taste but I hope it make you drool. :)

On weekends, they served dishes that's out of the menu. For one weekend that we visited, Cj chose the Mexican Fried Chicken served with guacamole and java rice. He said it was great! I wasn't able to taste it. 

For dessert, we chose their weekend special, which is the Frozen Tiramisu Cheesecake which is heavenly in every bite. Haaaayyyy, writing this make me wanna drive back to Tagaytay and just dine again in Deli! Also, I'm saving up to buy a great camera so I can share even more enticing photos! 

Alright, See you in Tagaytay this weekend! :)

Love, Dys ♥

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