29 March 2014

A Month-Long Late Anniversary Celebration

The boyfriend surprised me with a reservation at the CANYON COVE BEACH CLUB Batangas. I am one lucky girl ‘cause he never fail to surprise me. Though we were already planning a summer getaway together, I never thought he will be that serious to book a night staycation at Nasugbu. Anyway, sharing your our awesome stay at the place through this blog post.

The vast lobby welcomed us to the hotel.
The boyfriend made the booking reservation via phone and deposited the reservation pay to the bank. So there was no hassle when we get to the concierge. They just get the information and boom; we got the cards for the room. Ours was room 407 located on the 4th floor. Sorry I wasn’t able to take picture of the door and the card used as a key. 

Check-in time is 3:00pm. We arrived as early as 1230pm hoping we could get into the room immediately. Fortunately we did. Room was prepared minutes after checking in. Since the sun was still shining bright in the middle of the afternoon, we opted to stay and explore the room.
At the balcony.
We get the Superior Room for 2 persons (Maximum of 2 adults and 2 children) for Php5, 800.00. The rate is inclusive of the room accommodation, daily breakfast for two, use of pool and beach and applicable taxes. In case you wanted to get a cheaper price for the hotel room, you can check METRODEAL, because they are offering a discounted voucher for Canyon Cove.

Superior Room was a standard room with either king or twin beds and a day bed. Since we were only two, we requested for the room with the king size bed.
I wasn’t able to take picture of the toilet (I’m such a lame blogger) HAHA.
The comfort room has a bath tub, a sink, a shower room, a toilet and a blower. It comes with a free soap, shampoo and conditioner bottle placed on the sink. They also provided a glass inside the comfort room which I accidentally broke. So we paid Php100.00 for that. HAHA.

There is a 32-inch Television with Cable which I enjoyed until the wee hours of the night. We were able to watch two movies, Hours and Escape From The Planet Earth. Below the TV Cabinet was a mini refrigerator which comes with 2 bottle of water and an electric kettle with two 3-in-1 coffee sachet.

The best part of the hotel room was the day bed located near a window overlooking the pool and beach. I love this place that I chose to sleep there rather than the king size bed.

It was around 430pm when we decided to go out and explore the area. They have the fastest elevator ever or I assume they did because I compared it to our hospital’s elevator which was (I don’t want to say too much) slow. Warning : This is the start of an elevator shots album. kidding. HAHA

We chose to walk around the beach side and explore what the resort has to offer. We found some beach volley court and cabanas for rent in the beach front. 
Corridor leading to the rooms.
The hotel was offering water sports activities such as Kayaking, Jet Ski, Banana Boat and Boat Ride. A little pricey I guess (compared to the ones in Terrazas de Punta Fuego) We then decided to photo ops at the kids playground before we headed to swim at the pool.

No one's around, except us. :)
We stayed until around 7pm. 

Here’s what the hotel look like at night.
We went back to the room and change clothes for a fine dining night. I was thinking of going back to Nasugbu Town Proper so we can have a fast food dinner but the boyfie wanted to try the in house café. Another elevator shot, this time, he is dancing. :) 

He wanted a room service but then we found out there was a 25% service charge so we just walked down to Island Café located below the main lobby. It was actually a Max’s Restaurant, I don’t know how it was named that way.

Service was a just 5/10. We think the crews were just new or some were just there for an on-the-job-training. We didn’t order that much. We had fried chicken, soup of the day and pancit canton but our order took like 30-45 minutes before it was served.

 We followed up from time to time and thank God after 3 tries, dinner was served. Gladly, the boyfie has a personal wifi, so we didn’t get bored while waiting. But unfortunately, my phone had to quit on me and the worst part of it was, I left my charger at home. I.AM.SO.LAME. I can’t use the boyfie’s charger because he uses an iPhone5 while mine was just an iPhone4s.

I was full after dinner, so just we decided to walk around and stay beside the pool before going back to the room. It was a splendid Friday night under the stars, having conversation with my loves. I cannot ask for more.

Capped off the first day with a stride line couple socks.

We started Day Two by waking up early to take the catch good menu for free breakfast downstairs. I’ve read reviews that foods in the place were so so but I had quite good experience. 

I had Chicken Tocino and the boyfie chose a Beef Longganisa which we did enjoy well. It satisfied our tongue but then again the service of the crew was not satisfying. I guess the previous post I’ve read about the foods was read by the management so they improve in that area.

During breakfast, we talked about our whole experience in the hotel. I ask Cj if we are going to come back, he said yes, but I added “To a much cheaper price. I guess we need to check on Metrodeal”. He agreed on me.

Cj : Room was excellent. From the bed, to the comfort room, the balcony, the bed sheets, the tv and the mini-ref.
Dys : Same. I just think they need to clean the shower room as well as the bath tub thoroughly. Sorry, OC (Obsessive-Compulsive). They also need to have a bidet and a floor mat. Anyway, toothbrush and toothpaste are available upon request.

Cj : Took a year before being serve.
Dys: Exactly! HAHA. Dinner was a bit pricey.

Cj : No videoke room, badminton court and billiard hall.
Dys : They offer water sports activities which you can do as a leisure but then we are (sorry, I am) more of an indoor type of person so I suggest they offer such as KTV bars and billiard halls. (Actually they were already building a room for that. We are unlucky that it was still under construction.

All in all, we rate it as 7 out of 10 stars. Definitely coming back. :)

We don’t want to waste time anymore because check out time was 12noon. After breakfast, we roam to the beach front and take a plunge in the clear water with white fine sand under. 

I was so amazed by the fish swimming with us. I wanted the boyfie to get the small fishes but he doesn’t want to. Sun was bit high and shining bright by 9am but still doesn’t hurt on the skin so we decided to stay until 10am. We went for a short dip in the pool too. This time a lot of people are roaming around because Day Tour guests are coming in already. We did some photo ops again before we walk back to the room.

Fixed the things as well as the room, making use we left everything fixed, except for the glass which I broke. Hahaha.

Check out by 1130pm. Headed to Tagaytay Sky Ranch Tokyo Tokyo to have our late lunch and sugar fix at Krispy Kreme then back at home.

It was a great stay-cation. Rest days like this are a much needed for us. For the boyie who was tired from the #MVPOlympics and me from the night shift duty days. I surely enjoyed and had fun. 
It may be a month long late anniversary celebration but it was worth the wait darling. I love you and our adventures together. <3

28 February 2014

Pyromusical Competition 2014

Nothing like an evening well spent under fascinating fireworks display. :)

Yes, this February, the boyfie and I chose to watch the 5th Pyromusical Competition in SM Mall Of Asia last February 22, 2014 as our pre-anniversary celebration. In case you wanna know more about the event, here's a link of their website - PYROPHILLIPINES. We bought a Gold Center ticket promo in Metrodeal which is Php600.00 for 5 tickets. But unfortunately, my friends who supposed to be with us ditched us. So it ended up the usual thing, just me and the boyfriend.

We arrived at MOA past 1 in the afternoon, and were so late for the Starting Over Again movie, so we decided to despoil time by watching another movie, which is ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Aba, nakakabasa na pala ako?)

It was  book written by the famous Bob Ong which was played by Jericho Rosales in the movie. I am no movie critic, so no reviews. For my standards, (a typical movie goer) the movie was just 3/5. But the book was awesome. you should read it, in case you want to reminisce your ugly duckling stage and adolescent years. (Movie Poster c/o Google)

We took our late lunch after movie which composed of purely healthy kani salad and California maki, cause the boyfriend is on a strict diet, but I have the priviledge to eat whatever I want so I had Oreo Blizzard ice cream plus extra Oreo and extra cashew nuts. Oh well, hello to a higher uric acid. HAHA.

Past 5pm when we went inside the venue, the boyfriend didn’t like area, so we decided to upgrade our ticket. Good thing that the organizers offered that option. Our Gold Center tickets was upgraded to a VIP one. We just add Php350.00. On VIP area, you get to sit and see the vast waters of Manila Bay where the fireworks display will be held. Here’s a picture of the Location Plan and the ticket prices for the PyroMusical Competition.

Spain and United Kingdom made the skies go bright and sparkling that night. Spain went into a simple fireworks display but it was synchronized by nice chosen songs such as Just Give Me A Reason and Roar. While United Kingdom, which won as the champion last 2011 and 2013 totally nailed it. The synchronization chose of song, colors of sparks and the whole presentation was prefect! I am hoping they will bring home the bacon again this year. Here’s a photo dump of the event. I was just using my iPhone, so sorry for the low quality of the picture. I promise to bring my camera next time.

We were fascinated by the display and all we can say was "wow", "grabe and ganda" It was our second time to watch it, first was last year, but definitely this time it's worth it that we bought the VIP seat. Next year we promise to buy the Patron ticket. (must work hard for that) Haha. I cannot recall the songs during the display, all I can remember was United Kingdom's ending was this...

I have a video clip of some of the highlights of the display. Check this link on my facebook page.

 I am so much in love with fireworks, and if you are a really close friend of mine, you know that my dream proposal is the one under fireworks display. :) Fireworks give me that certain feeling of glowing inside and just give me a sweet smile on my face.