The Inspirations.

I cannot remember when and how I learned about Saab’s blog. But one thing I know is that after visiting it for the first time, I instantly bookmarked it on my laptop and made a lot of research about her. I remember that was the time when the famous Francis Magalona died and I get curious about the lady who stand beside Maxene Magalona. And that is Saab Magalona. It is my love for Francis Magalona’s music that leads me to her daughter’s blog. I only know few things about her. She doesn’t want her name to be spelled with a single “A”. She started blogging back when she was still in high school, I think 14 years old. I am a fan. But not a die-hard one. It amuses me how she was able to blog it such a light manner. Yung pede ka tumawa kahit medyo mabigat yung topic. I like how she is so true in her post. I like how she posts about herself but still has her privacy. And I am so thankful that Saab’s blog gave me inspiration in blogging. Maybe because we kinda have the same reason why we started blogging and we both have fear in Public Speaking.

After getting addicted to Saab’s blog, I started searching about who among the artist I know has blog. And then a friend told me about Bianca Gonzales’s blog. Cool. I didn’t know she has one. What I love about Bianca’s blog is that it is simple. It is blogging the simplest thing in life yet somebody will learn from it. Nagets niyo ba ko? It is simple in a way na, what you see in Bianca in TV is exactly who and how she blog. When I read on her posts, damang dama ko na boses niya yung nagsasalita sa isip ko. That is how it is to me. I hope I can also be like that on my readers. PS I admire Bianca’s cartwheel shots on her travel posts.

I admire Rovie on how she manages her time in work, blogging, family and her love life. My first look on her blog, I was a bit ambivalent, I am not into fashion kasi. But when I saw her post about something that she thrifted, I said, Wow, it looks elegant. Then I remember my best friend, the one who ask me to go to ukay shops but I don’t go with her ‘cause I’m not interested. I told her about Rovie, but she is not into blogs so it ended up I was the one who gets addicted to Rovie’s blog. And as well as to ukay shops. I said, I hope I can find one like what Rovie find. Haha. But it doesn’t stop there, one day, I get the chance to read all her post, I saw her post about her love life, her family, her work and herself. Actually, it is the Sentosa post that made me hooked into her blog. I feel like we have the same love story. Haha. I feel like I am really a stalker now. Anyway, I like how Rovie blogs, its short but concise. Sometimes, I read a lot of blog and when I see those na super haba, I get to leave it behind. That is why I am inspired on how Rovie do that. And that is what I want to learn from her. See super haba ng post na ito.

My girl crush number 1. After I am hooked to Rovie’s blog, I get interested to fashion, and was able to search about Vern and Tracy’s blog. I learned about Vern first. I really envy her a lot. Oh my gosh. Haha. I can say that she is almost perfect. Beauty, brains and all. And her sister Verniece, I hope I can be their sister too. Haha. Ambisyosa ko. Anyway, I admire Vern for being able to reach out on her followers. If you visit her blog, you can this “Link your blog and I will try to visit each and every one of them :-) Thank you so so much. :-) <3, Vern.”  Not all bloggers do that. That is the first reason why I am inspired by her. And the second one is how she was able to show no competition since she and her sister is in the same career path. She even included the link of her sister’s blog on her account. See, how unselfish she is. How she loves her sister a lot and I admire that. I am an only child and I always seek that kind of love, and I found it in blogging.

My girl crush number 2. I get to know Tracy’s blog from a friend. After the first visit, I get obsessed agad agad. Her travel posts, her fashion post. I love it. Every single detail. She is like another Laureen Uy. But there is something different that I love about Tracy. She looks so sweet. So sweet that when I see her photos, Wala na I’m hypnotized and I get to be excited about the next blog nanaman. And also she has a good taste on where to shoot her outfit photos. And that inspires me in blogging. Her photos. :) I am so KILIG while writing this. HAHA. 

These people are my inspirations. And i love them. They may not know me personally, but I would like to thank them for making blog posts. In that, I was able to learn things that I will be using in my blogging career. One day, if I will achieve all my dreams in blogging, I will look back that once in my life I was able to visit their blog and the rest was history. :)

With love, DYS. 

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