Back at it.. AGAIN!!

It feels good to be back! Yes, I'm back at blogging again and hoping I can do this regularly. It has been almost a year since I last posted and I wanna make up to those months. A series of life changing events happened in my life that I think is worth sharing with. Mid-2016 when I got engaged, March 2017, I got married and right now I am on a bed rest to keep my 9 weeks baby safe inside my womb. I also quit from working as a Nurse and choose to be a stay at home wife. I've also moved out from my parent's house in Cavite and stayed with the husband here in Manila. That's a roller coaster ride of adjustments, learnings and [mis]adventures. I feel so stoked to be able to share these life experiences. Thinking of revamping this blog. So I am accepting ideas on what to name my new blog? Anyone? Kindly leave your suggestion below at the comment box! Stay tuned for posts about Wedding Planning, Marriage, Financial Life, Health and more.....

Dys <3

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