SAGADAventures Day 1

Out of all the trips in my list for this year, I really looked forward to this one because it would be the first time that we'll get to join other groups in a tour. Most of the time, our travels are exclusive for me and CJ or our friends. I look forward to meeting acquaintances and be able to adjust with their travel pace.

We barely had a month to plan this trip and I am so thankful that Paula, took charge in planning everything. Yes! That’s actually a great help for me since every time Cj and I travel, it’s usually me who makes the itinerary. We get a tour packages that costs Php 3200, for the accommodation and transport from Manila - Banaue - Sagada. The side trips activity such as spelunking are in our own account as well as our food. But I can say it was a good deal already. Our driver, Kuya Dennis, has been in the business for almost 10 years and he already have mastered the curve road going up to the mountains. Before leaving Manila, I have t  ask some of my friends who has been there on what to expect about the trip and most of them have a lot to say about the road and the travel time.
The Girls. Me, Grace, Paula and Sophie

The assembly time in Trinoma was 9-10pm but we went ahead of time so we can have the best and most comfy seat inside the van.(Tip #1 for people who travels by tour packages or as joiners!) We were supposed to leave by 10pm but two of the passengers were stuck in traffic thus we have to wait for them. (Tip #2 Never be late! Nakakahiya sa kasama ibang mga kasama mo. And it would affect the tour itinerary)

We left manila by 11pm. Kuya Dennis have heard news from other drivers that there were traffic somewhere in Santa Fe (road going up to Banaue) and some arrived in Sagada 3pm the next day. So He decided to drive us up to Baguio then Sagada. The only thing he compromises to us is that we will not be able to go in Strawberry Farm. But we all agreed to it. We are 12 inside the van, supposed to be 13, but our friend Aica, didn't make it. 

GeoTag from Snapchat

At around 3am we are already in Baguio, by 430am, we've already reached the highest point in the Philippines railroad system. We took some photo ops and bought some hot noodles to wake us up because it was really cold at 16C.

The road from the highest point going to Sagada is so curvy. As in blind curve! and guess what is just beside the road? on your left will be the mountain and on your right is a steep view of the province.

We took another stop over to pee and had some photo ops in the middle of the road.
I was lucky to took a shot of their local transportation.

We arrived in Sagada at around 8 in the morning. From the town, we can see a lot of tourists already roaming around the area. It is quite crowded already. Kuya Dennis dropped us at Indigenous Inn, our accommodation for the next 3 days. We took our brunch inside the Inn's Cafeteria. The only available in menu are longsilog (longganisa, fried rice and egg) and bangsilog (bangus, fried rice and egg). The girls opted for the longganisa while Cj wants the Bangus. We patiently waited for around 20-30minutes for our order. You really have a lot of waiting to do in Sagada especially in their restaurants. Unfortunately for our health, we slept and took some siesta right after eating. This one is a bad habit I shouldn't be blogging. Hahaha. But please 'wag tularan'.

Our activity for the day is the Spelunking inside the cave of Lumiang and Sumaguing. Tourists can choose which one to take. As per our tour guide, Kuya Zandy, the easier one is the Sumaguing. This are for beginners. We are also beginners but heck the adventurous side of me decided to take the extreme one which is the Cave connection where in we get to go inside both caves. The two couples in our group took the Sumaguing. I haven't had the time to ask then how was their experience. I can only share ours.

We went inside Lumiang Cave at around 1pm. The cave welcomed us with hanging coffins right in front of it. We're not scared yet. The only light we had was the lampara brought by Kuya Zaldy and his side kick Kuya Oniel. 

Good thing I bought my mini flashlight so it helped me go around. The experience inside the cave was really something I would treasure for the rest of my life. I cannot describe what its like inside. But I'm sharing few pictures I took with my iPhone. We didn't brought high quality camera because we expected to be wet inside.

I am in awe its beauty. 

It was really something that you have to try on yourself. And I guess this is really what Sagada is all about. I've never thought I can do such thing. Climb to a slippery floor, swim on a freezing cold water almost chest high, hold on to a rope with your life at stake. I've conquered such extreme and I'm so proud of myself as well as to my friends. We did it and the feeling of fulfillment is immeasurable. The most scary part of this spelunking was when we are about to go out of the cave. It suddenly rained so hard outside so there were mud and water and rocks gushing through the lane going up. When I saw that and other people who are panicking, I guess it was adrenaline rush that made me climb that steep and rocky road going up.

It was 5pm when we safely went out of the cave. I couldn't believe we are inside the cave for  a good 5 hours.

WE CONQUERED SAGADA CAVE!! (Cj, Grace, Me, Sophie and Paula)

We head back to our rooms to wash out all the mud and bat poops in our body. By 7pm, we are all ready for dinner. We decided to try Sagada Brew for dinner.

You can order a meal that consists of a cup of rice + 1 viand + salad + dessert + unlimited lemon water for Php200.00. The coffee shop is famous for their Lava Cake so we had to try it and behold, it didn't disappoint. Their lava cake is perfect! We even had to take out one for us to munch in our room.

That's all for Day 1! Day 2 and 3 deserve another post! Soon!

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