Perks Of Being A Nurse.

Are you a Nurse? Were one of your friends or relatives a Nurse? Or you know someone who took up the exam? Have you seen the results of the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination? Oh well, if not. You should go, and google it now. But I doubt, because it is all over my Facebook and Twitter timeline right now. :) And I am making this post to all the new Registered Nurses of the Philippines. 

Dear NEW RNs,
I was one on the edge of waiting for the results of PNLE. 2 years ago, I was on my BLS Training in Las PiƱas when a friend of mine from Canada (imagine, nauna pa siya makaalam bago yung nasa Pinas), informed me via SMS that results have been released already. The feeling was unexplainable. The month long wait was full of sleepless nights whenever you think about the results, nervousness and pressure. But.. When you see your name on the list, you give out a deep sigh and tears started running down your face (if you're an emotional one) or you will joyfully scream, 'Yes, RN na ko'. Well, to spoil it, I did both. Finally, the four long years is well paid off. Ohhh, but wait. No! Not yet! You think you are in the finish line already? Let me just remind you, you are not even halfway through it. This is just the starting point. Savor the moment while it's still there. Enjoy. Rejoice. Celebrate it with your family and don't forget to thank the ones behind your victory especially the Man Up There! Recite the oath withh all your heart.
After the euphoric feeling ceases, you have to deal with reality. You have to face the next step. And the next step is attending necessary seminars and trainings required for Staff Nurses. Pass your resume to as many hospitals as you want. Be eager to practice the skills you gained! Before you get hired as a Staff Nurse, (in other hospitals) one must undergo their Post Graduate Nurse Trainee program. Some hospitals ask for payments for the programs. Uniforms and Pre-employment medical exams costs a lot too. I hope you saved your extra allowance during college. Anyway, 
I have no intentions to ruined your 'RN na ako' moments. I am just sharing you a piece of reality. Hats off to you guys! Way to go! Wear your white uniform with pride and dignity. Use your license in the best and right ways. Never let the passion for caring fades, but let it bloom everyday. 

2Years Post Graduate Registered Nurse

Today would probably one of the sweetest days in the life of the many new Registered Nurses of the Philippines. Aren't you excited for the oathtaking and to get your license?? 

Today was also one of my favorite. Another milestone in my Nurse Life.
Sharing you screencaps photo of my Facebook status. Story was too long so I have to make it short by doing this. 

I feel so blessed to experience such things. I guess what I am feeling right now is just the same as the ones who's name is on the list of the board exam passers. Or even more than that. I can fell God's presence with me. Haaay. So worth it. I am sharing you another status I made in Facebook but this time it is in writing already. 

Today, God reminded me of how I am [I was] as a Nurse to my patients.
He answered my prayer.

During my college days, I faced a lot of struggles (grades, RLE, board exams) and everytime I am in that difficult situation, I ask Him 'Lord, eto po ba talaga yung gusto niyo para saken?'. And he never let me down, I thought the final answer was given the day that the NLE results was released. But I was wrong, it was just one of the many signs He wanted to give me. Interviews and offers, here and there. There are times when I really wanted to shift to another career but He never let me do that. He gave me the question 'Are you willing to wait?'. 'Lord, I am more than willing to wait', I said. 

In 6 months, I will be renewing my license. Thats how fast time flies. Now, I am reaping the products of being a Nurse. May not be financially, but the gifts of satisfaction and recognition from the patients and families I served. It is priceless Lord. 

Thank you for giving me this profession, for guiding me every step of the way. Now, I believe that this is Your will for me. No doubts. Today, You gave me your final answer. You reminded me that this profession is my vocation. I am blessed beyond belief. Thank You. :)

I hope the newbie Nurses will get my point and learn something from this blog post. By the way, I am congratulating my Alma Mater, the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, for being one of the Top 10 Performing Schools In The Philippines on this year's Nursing Licensure Exam and the CNSM Batch 2014 for a job well done (93% plus 2 Board Top Notchers). 

On to the next chapter of my life as a Nurse. I wonder what God is in store for me. :)

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