I couldn't believe it was June 22 and yessss, we are halfway through the year already. I certainly cannot believe it. I guess it's also a perfect time to reflect in what had happened for the first six months of the year and what to be done on the next couple of months. So while browsing thru my Instagram account, I've seen a lot of people I know, especially my friends, doing this #100HappyDays thingy, so I gave in to the trend and make my own version of it. I decided to make a one-for-the-books kind of blog post. Let see what 2014 has brought me,so far. Here's my #100HappyDaysOfDYS.
(Hashtag too long eh?) 

Day 1/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
Spend the first day of the year with my parents. Went to church and ate together. I guess it is a perfect way to start the year. 

Day 2/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
Taken : January 1,2014 - before the clock strikes 12.
One of my longtime friend, Artem, is set to fly on a couple of weeks so she decided to have a despedida party, and since it's the night before my birthday, I decided to tag along some of our friends too and have a Birthday Salubong. Of course they did enjoy the drinks! 

Day 3/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
Skype date with my best friend on the first few minutes of my birthday. So glad and excited to see this girl because I haven't seen her before she leaves Philippines. I miss you so much Videzza!
Day 4/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
I couldn't ask for more. This is way way better than any other material gifts. I am blessed beyond belief to have shared my birthday with them. Indeed, a happy 22nd to me! 

Day 5/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

One of the reasons why I am happily working is because this young man beside me is part of my workplace. It is always a happy duty when he is around. From college buddies to workmates. I love our friendship Prince! :) 

Day 6/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
En route to North with my love for a well deserved vacation. Our first out of town trip together! Making it one of the memorable and one for the books! 

Day 7/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
My first ever and most decent picture with the Bangui Windmills. I must say I really enjoyed the place despite the rain. 

Day 8/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Harvesting Calamansi on top of an Ancestral Home in Vigan. You only get to experiene this at provinces and I'm so glad that Cj's grandma and mom allowed me to do this. 

Day 9/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

We love food and certainly this is one of Cj's favorite in Silang. He would always ask me to eat whenever he is here. Whatever makes my man happy, I am happy too. 

Day 10/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Got to say goodbye to my weird and wired smiles. Braces taken off after 3 years. 

Day 11/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Cut my hair short. One of the rare times that I cut my hair for no reason at all. :) 

Day 12/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Been struggling a lot about employment and here's an encouraging words from the boyfie himself. 

Day 13/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Catching up Dinner with my co-workers. There is no dull moments when I am with them. 

Day 14/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

I love my profession. I love this white uniform that stands with dignity and pride. I love being a Nurse. It gives me the satisfying feeling of working and giving your best for the benefits of other people. I guess I was brought up with full of love and care that I can be able to share it to others especially my patients. 

Day 15/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Drop by at the best friend's place to hang out with her (Misty). Unlimited laughter and fun. Spending time with 1/9 made me realize how I missed being with my girls. Hoping to be complete next year? 

Day 16/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

First Pyromusical with the Boyfie then went to church the morning after. We promised to get a Patron ticket next year. *crossedfingers*

Day 17/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Reunited again with Leiann. Feels so good to be around people who whatever conflicts might happen, will still stick and always be at your back no matter what. 

Day 18/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

One year old. Praying for more years together! You are God's greatest blessing to me darling. Thank you for everything. 

Day 19/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

4 out of 9 complete. Short time catching up with Ivy who only stayed a week for a quick vacation in Phil. I am really praying to see my girl barkada complete again. :( 

Day 20/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

First time to watch a UAAP game (volleyball) live and I'm glad to share my tickets with the best college friends (Nimae and Prince). Tagged along Cj who went straight to the game after running errands from work. 

Day 21/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Second out of town trip together at Canyon Cove Batangas. It was a month long late anniversary celebration but sure it is worth the wait. 

Day 22/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Ambivalent. Sad to say goodbye to Cj's Grandmother yet a happy day spent with his mom's side of the family. 

Day 23/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Workplace and workmates. My home away from home. 

Day 24/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Waking up right next to him. Always the best feeling. 

Day 25/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Good old days are back. Boys and Girl Friends from highschool. Basta biglaan, natutuloy talaga! 

Day 26/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Off Days spent with my College RLE Group! Incomplete but feeling complete after 2 long years of not seeing each other. 

Day 27/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Group Date and Hang Out Night with my highschool barkada. Thanks to Jeff's Graduation Celeb! 

Day 28/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Labor Day Duty with my Bestest Friend Prince and my Cutie Patotie Love! It's like we're on a playgroud when we are on the same shift. Toxic? 

Day 29/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Surprises are my favorite. And he knows that. Went all the way from Manila after church to fetch me at work after my duty. He knows when I need a helping hand, and he's always to the rescue. 

Day 30/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

9 patients in a 12hrs shift? VS q4, wound dressing q4. Ahhh! I love my job! No complains. Just pure passion and hardwork given to all my patients. 
Day 31/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Mother's Day Celebration with the Parentals. It's their turn to make a 'self-we?'

Day 32/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Long distance relationship? HAHA. 2 weeks of not being together. I am sucker for I miss you messages. I cried. Distance makes the heart grow ponder my dear. 

Day 33/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Making the days count even if we are not together. Both busy from work and day offs aren't possible. Thankful for facetime!  :)

Day 34/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Won a ticket to Philippine Super Liga and I am so glad to see my Volleyball Idols!! 
We supported #TeamAirAsia, and yes, we won! I'm so ecstatic to see Melissa Gohing, Cha Cruz, Paneng Mercado, Aby MaraƱo, Mika Esperanza and the rest of the girls!! 
Day 35/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
Another weekend to relax and recuperate with my love. Water and weekends are our favorite. 

Day 36/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Attending a family event. Another one for the books babe! :) 
Day 37/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

How lucky can I get? Won another giveaway again and this time I got a DLSU shirt with my favorite Lady Spikers signatures plus an Alma Mater Lanyard! 

Day 38/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Went back to my Alma Mater to pass my application then a catch up date with Mads and Prince. 

Day 39/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Got my COE from the previous work place and yes I am so free! I cannot explain how excited I am for this day to come. Hahaha!

Day 40/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS
Surprised the boyfriend at his work after my interview. And he was really surprised and happy to see me in one piece after commuting alone in the Metro. Seriously I have no idea where was I until I saw Robinson's Galleria and ask a taxi driver to drive me to Meralco. That experience was totally one for the books and the boyfriend's reaction was worth all the panicking part of my commuting. 

Day 41/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

My all time favorite snack. Who can resist a box full of fries in cheese flavor?? 

Day 42/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Surprised by a bouquet of red roses from the boyfriend. I guess I blushed when he handed me this in public. I've known him as a private person and yes never in my mind did I thought of him doing this. Haaay. I. AM. SO. GRATEFUL. 

Day 43/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Final Interview Schedule vs Movie Date with Friends. Had a hard time deciding but lucky to be able to attend both. Though I missed the movie part! 

Day 44/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Sunday Family Time with the Parentals. Being unemployed gives me a lot of time to spend with my family. #perksofbeingtheonlydaughter

Day 45/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Last Full Show for The Fault In Our Stars with my loves. Thought I'll never get a chance to see the movie in wide screen. Haha! Yet he did make time to watch it with me. <3 Yehey to that! 

Day 46/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

3 days prior to this picture was taken, the boyfriend think I am PMS-ing (the girl thing you know). I am sobbing over the phone telling him that I am bored and I don't have anything to do at home, that I crave for every food I see in the internet and that I am so useless. Blame the hormones. While I am unreasonably ranting all my sentiments, the boyfriend just told me "It's okay Babe". Thats the only response I get. 3 days after, he came in surprise and handed me a bag of loombands. :) My eyes just sparkles and in a span of 24hrs, I already made a lot of bracelets. :) Thank you mi amor!

Day 46/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Father's Day Selfie with the Parentals while stuck on a heavy traffic. :) Love. Love. Love. 

Day 47/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

Bayad-Utang Time. HAHA. Boyfriend is a Miami Heat fan. I am not a fan. I am just one curious girlfriend wanting to cheer for the other team. So we had to gamble on Game 5. He chose Miami,of course. I chose San Antonio. And I won. So he had to take me to a free lunch. Oh well, we love to eat and we're not shy to post this. :) Pigging Out Weekend!

Day 48/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

We had Facetime 2 days ago and I am eating Kitkat while talking to him. He knew how much I love this certain brand of chocolate. Little did I know, he bought me a pack of KitKat minis. Imagine the kid inside me scream out when I saw it. He added a scrap book kit in which he reasons out "Habang nagaantay ka pa ng tawag,para may pagkaabalahan ka". He never really wants me to get bored. Because when I get bored, I call him at work (And that should be a No! No!). I should not disturb him while he is at work. And to improve my loomband collection, we bought this organizer that has a lot of story behind it. HAHAHAHA. 

Day 49/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

One of our common interests is EATING. I found the boyfriend a Food Critic (maybe it runs on the blood?). We love eating as much as we love each other. It becomes a habit to try a new restaurant / cafe shop or even a carinderia every time we are together. And because we wanted to stay healthy and fit (as much as possible), we promised to do the "Pigging Out" only when we are together.

Day 50/100 #100HappyDaysOfDYS

This guy have been doing a very good job of being the best boyfriend ever. He has been dealing with my PMS very well,handling my tantrums as soon as it started,spoiling me in many ways and most of all loving me unconditionally. My life was on a perfect 360 turn around ever since I met him. You have an exceptionally big heart babe! Your love never ceases,it only increases. I always think that I must have done something good in the past to deserve him. Thank you for the countless times of being there and never leaving my side, for understanding every inch of me, for taking all my imperfections and perfectly accepting it, for being the TRUEST BESTFRIEND AND THE MOST PHENOMEALCOMPANION. I love you to the moon and back, triple times greater than the universe!

I am short of making it to a hundred, but hey I still have the rest of 2014 to make another set. :)

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