R & R Weekend : Valentino Resort and Spa

I never knew that the Month of May will be this exciting! Employment and career problems. Tiring and exhausting duty schedule. Yes, all of them. I found it all exciting. I maybe making the biggest decision in my profession now (which I am saving for my other post) but I swear I am never gonna regret it. Despite the quick turn of events, I still consider this month as one of the memorable and lucky one. 

4days duty-single off-3days duty-single off-3days duty-sleeping off-2days duty. Ohyeah. No complains. So I guess after that "buwis buhay" duty days, I think I deserved a vacation. So, the boyfie booked us to a spa and resort in Batangas. Here's another R&R weekend with my love.

It's been a tradition to do something new or go to a place where we can unwind from work. This time we decided to head to San Jose Batangas to rediscover this place named 'Valentino Resort and Spa'. I've been here around 2-3 years ago with my college buddies and the place is still as good as I've first laid my eyes to it. This time, a lot of improvements were made. This time it's more special because I'm spending it with my love.

We were welcomed by accomodating crews and an improved front desk. I love the ambiance at the waiting area. You will never get bored and never mind the heat because they got an aircon for you. :) There was a mini boutique beside the front desk which sells swimming apparels, in case you left yours at home :) 

We were accompanied to our suite by a crew
who drove the golf cart we are riding at. 

We enjoyed the less than 5 minute golf car ride down to the suite room. 

I am still at awe to the place and its solemn ambience. There were few guests by the time we checked in. Here's our suite which I wanted to stay all the time because I can't say no to the aircon. I wish the whole Philippines gets fully airconditioned during summer time! HAHA. 

Bed was not as large as the one in Canyon Cove. (Sorry we can't help but compare) Yet the king size bed was comfy and the pillows oh I would love to hug them all day and night. The sheets were so good as well as the blanket. I like the blue plaid print on it. It matches the walls of the room. 

The room comes with a 21 inch television, an electric kettle, 2 sets of cups and saucer, glasses, powdered cofee and 2 bottles of water. Rules and regulation was also given to us as well as the numbers that we can contact to if ever we have queries. The restaurant's menu was also provided, they accommodate room service with 12% service charge. 

Rest room comes with a pair of toothbrush, a shampoo, a conditioner and 2 bar soap. There is a warm and cold shower but sadly no bidet. But they have a pail and a tissue naman! Haha! 

On the other side was a mini cabinet for you to place your things. This serves as my dressing room. Haha! I hear no complains from the boyfie! 

We arrived around 130pm, just in time for the 2pm check in. 
We stayed in the room for some photo ops before we head out to explore the place. 
Around 3pm we walked around the area. 

This is the panoramic worthy view just right outside our room. 
Hidden gardens were placed on different areas.
We chose this place to discuss and somehow reflect on our relationship. 

The way going to the pavilion. On the right side is the restaurant. 

There was a spa, but sadly we didn't try it. You have to call and schedule ahead of time. You can't just walk in. But I heard a review from a friend how good their spa is. :) 

There were few bench on the hallway just in case you get tired of walking. Or you may want to sit here with your loved one and enjoy the sunset and the mountain view.

There was a hidden hanging bridge which we enjoyed a lot! Hahaha!
Jump here. Jump there! 

Another panoramic shot! This is the pool on the other side of the hotel. There were cabanas beside the pool for you to put your things. And for the guest who opted for day tour. 

Went back to the room around 5pm to change then head back to the restaurant for an early dinner. 
Matchy matchy color with the love. HAHA.

We ordered Lechon Kawali, Tortang Talong and Ensaladang Talong to which I don't have a picture of. I'm sorry. Food was so great I forgot to take a picture of it. Boyfie was always the food critic and rates the food as 4/5. My tummy was so full that I decided not to go swimming and just sleep instead. But when we come back to the pool, no one was at the jacuzzi area. So yes, we jump in.
And enjoyed the rest of the night in jacuzzi. 

Imagined how we were relaxed by the jacuzzi. Hit the sack right after rinsing then woke up to the sun rays on the window. Amazingly beautiful morning. 

We were excited for what is in store for breakfast so we immediately went to the restaurant after waking up. 

Here's a picture of my breakfast pickLongganisa, Garlic Rice, Scrambled Egg and a Hot Chocolate. 

The boyfriend's pick was Tapang Batangas, Scrambled Egg and Garlic Rice with orange juice as drink. He dig in already to his food so I was not able to take a picture of it. 

My Breakfast View.I love the ambiance at the Restaurant. 
I am so happy they meet our expectation. Given a chance, I'd like to taste everything on their menu. Right after breakfast, we went back to the jacuzzi, swim to the other pools, have some photo ops and some quality time together while discussing serious matters. 

It has been a tradition for us to rate the place we are staying while we take our breakfast. 

Food : 5/5
We both agree that their restaurant serves really good food and the crew are very warm to guests as well. They even bother to ask us if we are enjoying our food. Of course, we do! 

Service : 4/5
Staffs are very accommodating and approachable. We ask for floor mat on the front desk and after like 3-5mins room service was right in front of our doorsteps already. As early as 8am we ask a crew to turn the jacuzzi on, then he immediately did what he was told to do without even complaining. 

Room : 4/5
Close to excellent. I cannot elaborate more.
Please refer to the first part of this post. Haha! 

Overall, we rate the place, 8/10. You have to leave a place for improvement for something so that they will continue to strive more for excellence. Our experience was worth every penny. And I can say, we are definitely coming back!! (To try the spa, taste the Sisig and play on their multipurpose court)

Another well spent weekend with you my love. Thank you for remaining patient with all my shortcomings and imperfections. You continue to amaze me with your ability to selflessly love me and take good care of me. I am beyond blessed that the Lord had given me you. I love you! 

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