My Love For Volleyball

I had an opportunity to watch all the UAAP second round of elimination games for the women's volleyball division last season. I was unemployed and a bummer that time so I have all the time to watch it. I was also able to watch the game 2 of the finals live at MOA. I never knew I'd go this far for my love for volleyball. I wasn't good at playing it but I know some about the sport.

I was a fan before but never a serious one until now. I've been rooting for my Alma Mater of course, the DLSU Lady Spikers ever since I've known UAAP way back my highschool days. My love for them never fades and even grows stronger when they weren't able to bag the championship this year. 

I am so lucky that this year, I am inch by inch closer to my dreams of seeing them in person. A week ago, I won a ticket to Philippine Super Liga, which gave me the chance to see some of my favorite volleybelles Abby Maraño, Stephanie Mercado, Cha Cruz, Melissa Gohing and Mika Esperanza up close while playing against Cignal HD at Cuneta Astrodome. 

I never expected to win because I just replied to one of @PLDTHome tweets. I didn't know it was a game already. So I am so shocked to see my DMs telling be about the tickets. They gave me 2 courtside ticket. I don't have anyone in mind except for the boyfie. I'm glad he said yes and his schedule wasn't in conflict with the game's sched too! So, Yehey! So here's some of the pictures taken during the game.
Of course we are #TeamAirAsia :) 

Though I wasn't able to interact and have a picture with them, I am still glad to see them that close and to watch them play. 

Thankful to this guy who always supports me in everything. Kahit na puro gala lang inaatupag ko sa buhay ko. HAHAHA! And for taking me home safe in the middle of the night matapos kaming mabangga sa Tollway! Hay! Epic night! HAHA! This is one for the books babe! One of the best dates ever. From PSL to Mister Kebab dinner, to iyakan moments sa Blue Wave, to the tragic tollway bump! We stick together!

Another surprise for me this week is I won another giveaway promo again. 

I am so glad to be the chosen one! Thank you Green Blooded Tees! I felt really lucky this week! I think I am so close of seeing my volleyball idols!!! Or kahit fan sign lang? :)) I am planning to have the shirt framed and post it on my room. Do you have any other idea guys? 

I am still euphoric in all of these!! Hope and prayers to meet the DLSU LADY SPIKERS soon!! Anyone knows how I can be able to see them in person? Let me know please. I'm a huge fan! Promise! :) 

Everything that happened made me more excited for the upcoming season of UAAP Women's Volleyball Division. Fast forward to September please! 

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