APRIL Highlights

No new adventure for this month, just few of life's turns and bumps. Here are the highlights of what happened in the past 30 days. 

(Photo taken at Manila Memorial Park during the interment, April 9,2014)

Losing Cj's grandmother on the first week of the month. It was so sudden. I actually saw her few weeks before she died. She was still strong enough to cook  Morcon, Adobo and many more..  I only knew her for a short period of time, but based on how Cj described her to me, I am glad to have met her for like two or three times. I admire her for raising such beautiful, loving and happy family. Thank you for a job well done Lola Eling!

During the burial and after the interment I was able to stay at Cj's place. And I'm so glad to have finally meet his mother's side of the family. Post interment, their family went all the way to Tagaytay to cool down after a tough week. He decided to tagged me along so I was able to bond and communicate with the rest of his family. 

Photo credits to Ate Kathrina Casasola. Photo taken at Tagaytay. Dinner date.

And yes, I maybe a Nurse but I am no super woman. Sometimes, a nurse also needs a nurse. Had to deal with abdominal pain and vomiting during morning shift. :( Decided to have a heplock while on duty. #FirstTime

April is a tough month for the area I've been working to. Our Head Nurse resigned, as well as 3 senior staff nurses. The other senior nurse was on Vacation Leave for 9 days and the census in the floor isn't cooperating as well. Imagine the burned out days and toxic nights we experienced. But nevertheless, our teamwork is still unbreakable. Thanks to the power of hardwork and passion. Yes! Go go go #TeamBully. PS Thank you Sir Stephen for your never ending support. We miss you already! Be back soon please? :) 

Me and Cj had to be back working again after the long days of rest. Cj had to seriously do it while I had to take a break from all the toxicity and make dinner appointments in between duty days. I'm so glad to be spending a night with my highschool buddies. No dull moments again! 

And yesss, I am also reunited with my college RLE groupmates. Unplanned trips are always the best. Planned this swimminh party a day before. Sad that we were incomplete. But still we made every minute counts when we are together. Swimming plus Tagaytay foodtrip. Hoping to be completed next summer. :)

Highschool Barkada reunited again at Jeff's graduation party. Hahaha! Guess who's not taking her hands off the monopod? Congratulations Jeff! Welcome to reality! Missing everyone who are overseas! 

Taking a day off with the parentals before night shift duty. Haha. Look what technology does to them? Uh-uh! Love you both! 

And just because he miss me so much. :) Someone took an emergency day off to see me on our monthsary. Hello there photobomber love! See you again after 2 weeks. I hope we can go through with our May plans. :)

What better way to end April is to spend a morning duty shift with my Best Pseudo Boy Friend and Best-est Best Friend who also celebrated his birthday this month. Happy Birthday Prinsipe! 

Tough start yet amazing ending. Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift of April. I may not be able to see great places this month but I was able to connect with people who are close to my heart. Thank you for the experiences and learnings. Thank you for the wonderful time spent with family. Off we go to a beautiful start in May...

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