Extended Vacation

Day 0 in Vigan - check
Day 1 - check
Day 2 - check

This is the Day 3 but officially the 4th day in Vigan. We had a chill day with the Navarro's. I woke up a little late due to yesterday's loooong trip. We had breakfast, went to the market to buy our pasalubongs for Manila peeps. Lola Alice prepared our lunch while we were up at the rooftop to harvest some Calamansi. 

I swear I did enjoy this. Hahaha! 

We harvest almost 2 kgs. Haha! I'm so proud of myself and Cj! Look at him! Haha! 

I am happy to be spending a day with his family, doing nothing. 

Sorry for the Hagardo Versoza look. We were blessed with a sunny day. 

Buffet Lunch under the tree.

Lola Alice was the host for that night's prayer meeting so we helped to make foods for the visitors and attended the prayer meeting too. 

Came night time, and another day at the province passed by. We packed our things because we're going back to Manila after a side trip in Baguio. 

Day 5.
Woke up as early as 5am because Cj's mom planned to leave Vigan by 6 in the morning. Prepared things but hahahaha some of us woke up late so we had breakfast first. 

I will miss this black rice in Vigan. This is my last breakfast in the place and I swear I'm gonna miss it :( The food, the people and the place.

Left the house around 9am, dropped by at Marsha's to add some bibingka pasalubong. 

Then headed to Baguio. Originally, the plan was to buy goods and souvenirs in Baguio then at least spend a night but we didn't expect that we'd get stressed in Baguio especially Cj's mom. Place was so crowded. It's like I'm in Manila but the weather is in Baguio. So right after taking lunch at SM City Baguio, we drove back to Manila and home in Tagaytay. The two boys ( Cj and his bro) enjoyed the place for they've been there again after 10 years. Road trip and the weather made the Baguio experience.
Here are some snapshots from the road trip..

Got home by midnight. Wow. That was a great North trip with my love. We promised to save money for another trip. Yehey! Thank you for the wonderful trip sweetheart, more to come! 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my 3 long blog posts about my Ilocos Trip. I hope I was able to share how I enjoyed this experience. I am praying and wishing that I will be able to do my life list this year and share with you my thoughts about it. I wonder what's in store for us this February? Let's see.. 

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