En Route To North

One of the things I wrote on my life list for 2014 is to be able to try new things and travel to places where I've never been to. I am so lucky to have a partner who also wants the same. So we decided that this year, we have to at least go somewhere we've never been to, taste something we've never tasted, and do something new at least every month. And for the month of January, my birthmonth exactly, we decided to head 450kms North of Manila. 

We planned this trip so well that we ended up not having an itinerary. We have a DIY one but I decided not to put it here. Hahaha! I'd like to thank my parents for giving me the permission to travel with Cj, for the first time ever. I am so shocked that we got a yes. Me and Cj were expecting a No. Haha! 

Anyway, this maybe a super late post but I promise you it is worth reading. :) We left manila around 530am last January 14. We rode the Partas bus in Pasay. Luckily we got the deluxe one. It costs a little expensive that the regular but it is worth it. It has a Wi-Fi (imagine how happy I am when Cj told me that), the seat was very much comfortable, it has enough leg room that you can almost lie as if you're in a sofa or bed. We had 2 stop over with 20 minutes each and the trip only lasted for 10hrs (12hrs for the regular one). 

We arrived at Vigan at around 3pm and the first thing Cj did was to brought me to the Empanadahan place. We passed by the Vigan Cathedral first before eating the famous Vigan Empanada. 

I swear the picture doesn't give justice to its taste. Sorry for the low quality, I'm using my phone's camera. You never went to Vigan if you've never tasted this. I swear, I can't describe in words how I am in love with this. Ahh, it's heaven!

Right after eating we headed straight to Cj's grandparents house. They will be our host for our 3-day trip. We had a sumptious dinner which I didn't have a photo of. Forgive me again for being a lazy blogger. Cj was just so excited to eat that I wasn't able to take pictures of it. We had Igado and Lola Alice's famous Pinakbet. Wait, sharing you the link of Lola Alice featured in a GMANews TV Show -
Sa Hapag ng Mga Bayani.

Bangui Windmills
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Paoay Church
Malacañang of the North

We headed North of North. Hahaha. Come again? I don't know what I am saying. Hahaha. We left the house around 5am, headed to Laoag City via bus, then rode another bus again to Burgos Ilocos Sur where we found a tricycle to take us to Bangui Windmills. The weather was not that cooperative so forgive me if I failed to take a great shot to scenic view of the windmills. Here's the most decent ones. 

We bought a little souvenirs at the area then headed to Cape Bojeador immediately. The weather was really not good, I don't know if you can see it from the picture, the waves were high and the clouds are just meh. But I thank the Lord, for the gift of rainbow. It made the place more breathtaking for the two of us. 


We met a wonderful tricycle driver here, he was too late to offered us the package he has. But I am grateful for him because he is such an honest tricycle driver. Sorry, I just have to share the story, because this kind of story makes me wanna think that there will always be good people around us. Cj was giving him 300pesos for the tricycle ride but he never took it, instead he gave back the 150pesos and told us about the rate. If you give it to other people, they might abused you and just get the 300pesos, but this driver was honest and never took advantage of us. He even taught us the rate. And as an exchange for this good deed, I am promoting his package. 

The tricycle driver's name was Kuya Randy. I was so shy to have a picture with him. Hahaha. Take note : He did all the picture taking in Cape Bojeador and even took us to this beautiful place.

I pleased Cj to ask Kuya Randy if he can take us to that place. I just saw the place when the bus passed by it but I never see any tourists drop by and take photos. So i took advantage of it. :)

It was quite past lunch when we headed back to Laoag City, again via bus. We took our lunch and Cj wants to try the Red Empanada. I never took a picture of it because it was a disappointment. I am so sorry. Cj bought a piece and on his first bite, we saw a strand of hair, he had to get it and get another bite, second bite and there goes another strand, Cj took it out and bite again, and to my shock, I saw another strand again. This time, I told him to just throw it away. We don't want any arguements so we just left the place. We rode a jeepney to Batac, where we visited President Marcos body. Tourists aren't allowed to take pictures inside so I am sorry. Here's a picture of me at the entrance door and us on the waiting area.

Again, we rode a tricycle going to Paoay Church. 

Next stop was the Malacañang Of The North. We passed by the way to the Sand Dunes but Cj suggested that we could enjoy it better when we have our own car, so pass muna. Though, he promised me we will be back after few months or years. Haha! 

We had a great time in Ilocos Norte. After visiting the Malacañang Palace of the North, we headed back home in Vigan. We dropped by at the town plaza to eat Empanada again and went straight home. We waited for Cj's parents to get home from Manila then call it a day. 

I guess this was long enough for Day 1. I hope you didnt get tired of reading. Off to my next blog post about Day 2 and the rest of the days until we went back to Manila.

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