Throwback Thursday

Yesterday was Thursday and that means your Facebook and Instagram Feeds as well as your Twitter timeline will be bombarded by #ThrowbackThursday posts. And because I'm spending my 2 days off by just staying in, I thought of making a #ThrowbackThursday post. 

I browse through my Instagram account as well as pictures on my Facebook timeline and I never thought I'd be so emotional to see what had happened a year ago and how I was able to conquer and get through with it. 

Sharing you some of the screencaps of posts that has a sentimental value in my life for the past year I guess. 
A wacky picture of me on my Academic Graduation last April 2012. 

Passed the Nursing Board Exam and celebrate it with the most wonderful and supportive people in my life. 

And September came and things just fell apart. I broke up with my 6 years relationship. And became a complete mess. What the! Haha. Yes, I admit I was a mess. Who would have been very happy about it? But anyhoo, having been from that worst experience of my life makes this chapter (yes, 2013 is my year) of my life worth waiting and worth having.

Getting a haircut and hair color.

Going out almost every night and day with friends. Having 'family dates'. Going to church alone and just cry my heart out. Getting through the real 'moving on' phase. Those times when you can't trust anyone, when you just hide the pain in your smile. Those mornings when it is so hard to get up from your bed because you spend the whole night crying. Every inch of that experience was worth it. I get to enjoy my 'singlehood' that time. I am so glad and so proud of myself that I was able to experience it.

It is when you are at your lowest that you realize who your true friends are , the value of your family, the spiritual need is increased and it is when you learn to love yourself. And that is the three most important thing that I learned from that chapter. I may have a lost one but I gained a lot. 

Thank you Lord, for this will not be possible without your guidance. I am so grateful that I never lose my trust and faith in You. I am totally healed now. Still, I cannot believe how strong I turned out after that struggle. I stand by a stanza from a song 'Teach me to trust in you with all of my heart. To lean not on my understand. I just forget, You won't give me what I can't bear'. You gave me something that will make me realize how blessed I am and how I can be able to stand by me two feet and how strong I am as a person and how strong my faith in you Lord. Thank you. 

Now, I really appreciate how my life arise from its lowest and now at its peak. I have a permanent job which I am so much passionate about, my relationship with my family is stronger now that I am able to share everything with them, I have known who my true friends are who stick beside me through thick and thin. And I have met this special guy who gave me so much happiness and makes me grateful and blessed for everything that I have.

Sorry, I am just so overwhelmed. It just a matter of months, everything was a whole lot better. Way way better. Looking back, I was a complete mess and then now, I am the happiest. Since this year started, I never lose my smile. Smile that really comes from the heart. And the people around me sees that kind of happiness and glow in me. 
Happy girls are the prettiest, indeed.

I appreciate every little things now because I have known the feelings of having nothing. I am truly blessed now and I can't ask for more. This has been the best year of my life, so far. :) And I'm hoping it will still be the best one until December. 😊😃😍

PS here's my piece of heaven here on Earth. One of the reason why I am actually happy and contented in my life.
I love you <3

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