End of the first ever contract.

It’s been four long months since my last post and believe me, I am dying to go back blogging again. A looooot of back logs. But as promise, I will make it up. :)

Wondering what keeps me busy? It’s my job. Since January, I was official hired as an Out Patient Department Nurse(OPD) at Unihealth Tagaytay. I’m sorry Lord, I am not complaining. I am thankful for the job you gave me but the compensation and the thought of not being able to practice my skills as a Nurse makes me regret and lazy of this job. Sometimes, I tend to regret declining the offer as a company nurse at SM Mall of Asia. But I have to think back again and tell myself “Not all nurses are working in the hospital.”

4th anniversary of UTHMC.
with Mama Rizza, Ma’am Sarah and Sir Jhonnel.

I planned to resign on my 3rd month, but they didn’t let me. So I had to extend for another 2 months. I am glad I did. Because of the 2 months extension, I learned to love OPD. :)

She was my previous senior OPD Nurse.
Ma’am Aly! I miss you!
Thank you for being my mentor and my ever supportive partner in OPD. :)

With Ma’am Aly and Ma’am Ihries. <3

With three of my favorite and closest Medical Secretary.
Ma’am April, Ma’am Jeanette and Ma’am Jenny.

I gained a lot of weight in OPD. Blame this gluttony days.

Sincerely, up until now, which is almost 4 days before my end of contract, I still couldn’t believe I was placed in that area of the hospital. I gave my very best during the trainingship. Ohh. Enough of the negative ones. I’m so sorry. I just have to blew it away.

The whole gang on my last OPD meeting.
I’m gonna miss you all guys!

Anyway, despite having regrets and bitterness, I am still so much thankful that I had a great time in the OPD. I am thankful for the people I met, the doctors who I get to talk to and share my thoughts and for the friends I gained on my 5 months stay in OPD. The two advantages in working in the OPD was 1. You get to know the Doctors and their specialty and 2. You get to interact with different kinds of patient.

With co-staff nurses in OPD.
Kaye, Bena, Me, Ma’am Sarah, Sir Jhonnel, Aj and Love.

With my “kasabay mag-endo” Ma’am Bena
and our “super humorous SHO” Sir Jhonnel.

4 days to go and I’m off to this area of this hospital. Hoping to get a slot and give it a big shot on ward or other special areas. Nevertheless, I am sure to miss the people in OPD. The patients, medical secretaries, the doctors and of course my co-staff nurses. I wish you all the best guys. Hope to see you around the hospital. :) 

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