My Better Half. <3

After I was broken hearted on my 6years relationship, I told myself that the next time I get to be in a relationship again, I will keep it a secret. Not as secretly as its just two of you knows about the relationship. Just having the privacy. But how can you keep something that's so true and feels just right? How can you be not so proud of something that makes you do good in everything and everyone? 

The thought of sharing this love story makes me think twice. Should I? Well, with the best intentions and best reasons, I think there is no objections not to share it at all. 

I was busy with myself, trying to move on and learning to love myself a little bit more when I met this guy. Before 2012 ends,  I was miserable and at my lowest. I was so damn broken. I ask God to help me find a man who will be willing to take all the risks just to stay with the broken me and will pick up all the shattered pieces of me but is still willing to accept me. And then He came. Unexpectedly. 
Meet my love.

He was an Operating Room Nurse at a hospital where I was a former trainee. During my exposure at the OR, I never get to know him. Until one night, I was pulled out from ward to NICU. I didn't know he was impressed on me and makes me think I am interesting. And I am sure I am not trying to impress him also. :) After few months, he started sending me text messages and ask me out on a date. I played casual on the first one. Just a plain trainee-staff nurse relationship. Until there comes the second date, then the third, fourth, fifth and so on.. Long story short, I fall in love with the man. 

I keep on telling him how much I love Operating Room, right from college, and I never thought of having a boyfriend which is a Nurse. Plus points cause he's been practicing on my favorite area. Haha! :) 

This man, thought me how to be thankful for what is there and not to ask for more. He thought me to hope and never to expect. He inspires me to be good and motivates me to be better. He stays with me when I'm moody or emotional without me asking for it. He never fail to make me smile on his own simple ways. He showed me what it is to trust someone without a second thought. He respects me a lot and takes good care of me. He thought me to love myself more. 

He is the mysterious silent type. A man of principle. A man who knows his priorities and focused on his goals. 

What I am most grateful for this man is that he makes me feel loved every single moment that we are together. 

This is the very first time that I get to think of settling down. I mean getting married and having a family. Seriously. Why am I having this thought? Maybe because I think, when I am with this man, I am secured. I can feel the peace in my heart and in my mind. The feeling that watever happens, he got your back and you got his. I am hoping and praying that he will be that man who i get to spend the rest of my life with. <3

But it isn’t the priority for now. :) We just have to enjoy the journey. Get to know each other more. Share the laughters and joys of being in love. And most specially, trust the Man up there. In His perfect time, everything will go on the way God has planned it for us.

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