Memory Lane

After weeks of hibernating, here I am again. I missed blogging and I owe you a lot of explanation. But to make it up, I am trying to finish two posts tonight. :) Last February 4, Me and my Best Friends since Elementary School, reunited again, after months. We’ve been planning to go out since January because it is our birth month but due to busy schedules, we weren’t able to do what is planned. I decided to take a request off in work in order to catch up with these girls.

We do not have any plans for that day. Abby was supposed to sleep over on my place or Kaye’s but she wasn’t able to come home in Silang on Sunday night. Abby had lunch in our place since we are still celebrating Fiesta that time. Then she asked if we could go to Pink Sisters Tagaytay.

We went there and we also visited Angels Hills, where I and Kaye stayed during our review for the Board Exams. Since it’s still sunny to go home, we headed straight to Ibarra where Artem, also a friend of ours, is currently working. We had a small catch up convo and picture taking.

I can’t let go of the girls so I decided to let them enjoy one of my favourite place in Tagaytay – Memory Lane. And this is the highlight of my blog post.

Memory Lane is owned by the famous Filipino Artist Ms. Jolina Magdangal. It was originally a house then it was turned into a boutique, restaurant and a salon and massage parlor. It’s a cozy place to stay when you’re in Tagaytay to chill and have a cup of coffee while reminiscing. That is why I came up with the idea of accompanying Kaye and Abby here ‘cause I know they will definitely like the ambience of the place. And yes, as planned, Abby said that the next time we hang out, we should have dinner in Memory Lane. :) Of course, we will absolutely go with that plan.

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