Welcome, 2013!

My Home Screen. 01.01.2013

An overdue post. HAHA. I told myself to be more active in blogging this year but I guess I am not making a stand on that promise. But since, it is just the first week of the year, I am still giving myself a chance. How did you guys spent your New Year’s Eve? Mine was a bit ordinary. Mama and I had allergic rhinitis on the 31st, so no one’s busy to cook something special.

Sick Baby

We settled for the ham and the homemade spaghetti and palabok we ordered to our neighbour. Cool. HAHA. I must say this is the depressing, oh no, hmm, maybe just the simpliest New Year’s Eve that we ever had.
Few years back, I had my heartbreaking Christmas where I have no one to spend it with. Yes, no presence of both parents. So my boyfriend that time had to fetch me at home to spend Christmas with his family. Now, I have no boyfriend, so I have my bed to spend my Christmas and New Year’s Eve. HAHA.
Anyway, enough of that. I stayed at our veranda at exactly 12midnight to watch the “neighbour’s competition for the Best Fireworks” At syempre, imbento ko lang yang contest na yan! HAHA.

Awkward pose

I did enjoy staring at the beautiful and colourful fireworks. The night was also made special by someone who called me when the clock strikes at 12. Ohh so sweet. An unexpected call from an unexpected person. Well, It made me feel loved and helped me welcome 2013 with a smile. Another thing I enjoyed that night was to play dressed up. HAHA. My gay cousin was with us that time, so I had my own photographer. Even with runny nose and hoarse voice, I manage to still look good that night to welcome 2013. They say that the color of the year is blue, so I decided to wear this dress.

What can you say guys? I think I have to really lose weight this year. HAHA.

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