Last Thursday, Me and my girl friends in PGNT went to the hospital to follow up regarding our application. Slight kwento na lang about this. Ang usapan ay 10am but I arrived early at 915am so I decided to go at the nearest Ukay store while waiting for the two girls. Wala naman akong type or maybe I am really not in the mood to buy. By 10am, we rushed to the office and luckily the Chief Nurse told us that we could take the exam on the same day and go back on Saturday for the examination in HR department. The exam took about an hour and we were done by lunchtime. So I decided to ask the girls to come with me in one of my favourite places to chill. JAVA JAZZ COFFEE SHOP. :)

This is not a review, just a simple kwento lang about the place. It was located near the Ina ng Saklolo Church in Tagaytay City. Medyo tago yun place so you really have to pay attention while driving for you to find the place. The shop was actually the attic of the painter’s house I guess. HAHA Parang nasa exhibit ako ng paintings. Thats what I love about the place. You could loosen up with the paintings, the relaxing view and calm gentle wind of Tagaytay. 

Perfect for chill out catch up moments. They serve variety of foods but my favorite was the Pancake and this Creamy Pasta with kesong puti.

 If I really had money and time, I will try each and every dishes they have. I think It will be worth it naman!
The shop also sells kung ano-ano like this. :)

Me, Rein and Bena. <3
We spent like 3 hours on the place. Kwentuhan to the max lang to catch up with the Holidays na hindi kami magkakasama. Syempre, hindi nawala ang BOYS sa isang topic naming! HAHA. At kung ano-anong kwento na meron ang nurse.

Cause these girls are amazing and they super love me, I asked them to help me finish my Starbucks Planner sticker and they immediately say YES. HAHA OA ko magkwento parang nagpropose lang! Anyhoo, we resumed our lovelife kwento sa Starbucks Summit Ridge, at syempre wala akong kwento, dahil zero love life ako. Ooops I forgot. Zero Love Life kaming tatlo. HAHA. Tinawanan na lang namin ang mga pinagdaanan naming nung 2012. :D

Before I go home, I went to Salitran to visit my friend’s baby. Si JAYKEE. Super cute niya and I am delighted to be his soon to be Ninang. Yehey!

Sorry sa Taglish at baklang bakla na kwento. Naenjoy ko lang. HAHA. So guys, I really suggest that if you go to Tagaytay, you try Java Jazz Coffee Shop. :D And please, pwera usog kay baby! (if you know that)

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