Bucketlist for 2013

Actually, I have a lot in mind but I will list few things here. Kasi baka by the end of the year at nilagay ko lahat, wala pala akong nagawa kasi masyadong unrealistic yung iba. So here’s my Top 4.
1. Do your own checklist.
2. Be active in blogging.
3. Read more.
4. OOTD project. :D

I made the a big move already for the first one. Last Friday, I was supposed to watch a movie with Mama, but when we arrived at the Cinema, we had to part ways because she wants to watch Sisterakas and I want to watch One More Try. So, yes, I watched One More Try all by myself while Mama and her friend watch Sisterakas.

I was planning to also watch Sisterakas after I watch One More Try but I have to go home agad agad dahil may ganap ako with my elementary friends. So I ended up watching the movie alone. And it was part of my checklist :D TO WATCH MOVE ALONE. YEY! Will blog about the checklist next time!

Post-Birthday Celebration.
At Knuckles Bar and Grill Tagaytay with Elem Buddies.
Moshie, Temmie and Me. :)

The second bucketlist, oh well I think I am quite doing great with it now that I aim to finish 3 posts today. :) The fourth one. I actually have the list of the books I want to read this year, so I am aiming to buy at least one every month. Wish me luck. HAHA. I can also make use of ebooks and pdf files from friends or if you are generous enough you can lead or give your books to me. It will be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance. HAHA :)

The last one, was a joke. HAHA No, I mean I am just trying to challenge myself if I can pull this through. Challenge na din if I can be creative or fashionista. Kasi feeling ko kulang ako sa mga aspetong yan. Fashion and Make up. I don’t have a lot of clothes in my closet but I will try. Maybe not every day, at least twice a week or month, but I will really try. :) Here’s my first 4 outfit photo. 

January First.

January Second.


January Five.

What do you think guys? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. :)
There are really a lot if things in my bucketlist but might as well just share it to you by the end of the year. HAHAHA. :)

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