21 Years Of Existence

I made an alarm so that I will know who will be the first person to greet me. :)

Last January 2, 2013, I celebrated my 21st birthday. Well, it was plain and simple. I had the usual birthday celebration but without cakes and pasta. I actually slept half of the day, read birthday greetings coming from different social networks. I attended the mass on the evening then I had some chill out session with myself.
First time to finish a bottle of this.
First achievement for 2013. HAHA.

And that’s it. HAHA. Don’t you think that was the happiest way to celebrate your birthday? I sound bitter because yes I am not expecting that I will be spending my special day in that way. If only I had a special someone to spend it with, then it could have been better. But it was still a happy birthday because my Mama and Papa greeted me as well as my friends. Here are some pictures of the greetings I received from special people.

My Mom who has the funniest wish for me.
HAHA. Maricel Soriano. :)

My Hamburkkeerr Leianne who has to emphasize my singlehood. :)

Rein Sarmiento who texted me and made an IG post dedicated to me.
Sweet pompoms! :)

My Instagram Friends.

My BFF Diane who is now working in Dubai but made an extra special photo greetings.

Sir Stephen, my Mentor in UTHMC. I am overwhelmed and humbled to his post. :)
My PEKS Nimae dedicated a tumblr post for me. Sweet as ever! :)
Mommy Lhai na umeksena sa pagbati niya ng January 3. :)

My best friend Misty greeted me on the third of January too but I’d rather not post her message because I wanna keep it as private as possible. :) But thanks Chie (Misty), I know you mean every word from that message and please remember that I love you so much! <3

I appreciated everyone who made an effort to greet me in any way they can. It may have been the way I wanted it to become but I am grateful to God that He still made me feel special and loved. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. Birthdays are not just about dinner and cakes and gifts, it’s about being thankful that God has given you another year to live your life. I AM STILL THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT. <3

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