The People Of My Year:2012

This is somewhat a year end special post for the people who made my 2012 a worthy roller coaster ride. These are the people who probably I just met this year and made a big impact in my life and the people who I’ve met years and years ago yet is still part of my life up to now. This is not in particular order.

My dutymates. My BANGITIS plus Gelo family.
I really love this group. We just literally laugh and laugh and eat when we are together. No dull moments with them. I had a small misunderstanding with them and I regret not being able to keep in touch with them after the board exam. Hey guys, I hope you are reading this, I miss you so much. I hope we can hang out soon.

Mommy Lhaira Garces
This woman, I admire her for being so strong. She has been my confidant and I am super happy that destiny made us much closer this year. She inspires me to become a better me and to always use my mind over my heart. HAHAHA Mommy, I’m sorry for being so stubborn. I love you for keeping up with all my dramas and understanding me even if I am so hard headed. Naiinternalize ko na ang mga advices mo saken. I promise you, I’ll be better next year. :)

My DPMS and Max
This is the group who even if we don’t talk and see each other a lot, I know, we are still there for each others. I’ve got their back always. And they has mine too. I haven’t seen them for years. Joke. HAHA. Hoping to see them on January. I love you guys. Thank you for always being there for me. I miss all our kulitan moments. Hang out soon okay?

Nimae Primavera
My tumblr famous friend. Yihee. HAHA anyway, before she was tumblr famous, she is my PEKS already so don’t make epal epal guys. And this girl, she’s so conyo. Thats why I have to blog about her in a Conyo Way. Ohgosh, Medyo mahirap. HAHA. I am delighted that after like months and the joke of her being in Canada for good, this girl finally made time for me. I was with her when she received a very bad news this year but hey I am so proud of her ‘cause she overcome that part of her life and now she is a very strong person. I love you peks! Know that whatever happens I am here for you. Thank you for your support, late night advices and inspirational messages. Pahiram naman ng kahit konting lakas. :)

My 6LOVE Girls
I am so grateful that this year I finally got to bring back my communications with my Elementary Girlfriends. I missed them so much and yes I am happy that we hang out every now and then and we keep in touch already. I never wanna lose this girls again. Thank you Lord ‘cause even if distance made us apart, they still treat me like the way they do when we are in elementary. Know that you are all treasured. I love you gals!

My Highschool Friends.
This year is a little rough for us. Each one is deciding to go somewhere, work and step up on their chosen career. But I am proud that communications are still open for each and everyone. The one’s who left here in Pinas still hang out with each other. This girls and boys have a special place in my heart. Argh! I am just speechless and emotional when it comes to them. I love you guys! Alam niyo na yun! Kahit na saan man lugar sa mundo tayo magpunta, walang makakalimot ha! HAHA Enough drama!

The New Friends.
This is another blessing for me. Meeting new friends. I am looking forward to more years of friendship with them. Thank you guys. You have yet to know me, so if you see the darker side of me, I hope you’ll still chose to stay.

The Babe.
I know even if it is very risky to post something about you here, I still did. Cause you deserve a special spot here. You made the last quarter of my 2012. Thank you for making me the happiest girl. Never mind if it didn’t last that long. This guy here is an amazing person. He knows when to try and when to give up. He stands on his own principle. Okay, enough revelations. I just want to thank you for making me realize a lot of things this year. It may be a short period of time, but this I tell you, you bring out the best in me. *No violent reactions please. :)

The Ex-Boyfriend.
Of course, of all people, you deserve a spot here. It may have been a rough road for both of us, I hope you did enjoy the months of this year with me. Whatever we had, know that I will treasure it forever. Sorry for breaking your heart. I know it made you a strong and better person so I am just half-sorry about it. HAHA. You had the best Christmas this year ‘cause your prayers have been answered. Continue to be a good son to your parents and please do make them proud. I wish you luck in everything that you do. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for taking good care of me. No regrets. Just lesson learned. Sabi nga nila, kung talagang tayo, eh di tayo, Pero wag tayo umasa dun kasi sabi-sabi lang yun. :)

The Family.
It is impossible for me to get through this year without my two angels. Mama and Papa. I love you so much. Thank you for all the encouragement and support that you have been showing me. I am expecting another excellent year with you. :)

Not everyone I want to thank is included in the photo. I look for pictures but I fail to find one. Sorry. To everyone who is part of my life that isn’t mention here, please don’t get mad. I appreciate you being in my life. It is just these people really deserves a special treatment <3

Thanks for keeping up with my “kalokohan, kalandia, kamalditahan” guys. You are the best. Thank you for being a blessing in my life this year. My 2012 will not be remarkable and amazing without you!

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