Post Pacquiao Game

Thank God for our Cable TV Provider because I was able to watch the Pacquiao-Marquez 4 Game.

I woke up a bit too late for lunch but just in time for the game. Papa and his friends are already set in our living room to watch the game. I sit next to Papa, holding my phone and my laptop on my lap. Uhh that’s redundant. HAHA. I was able to Instagram this photo before the game started.
This will going to be a super fight. GO PACMAN. Bring home the bacon!
Anyway, so the singers of the National Anthem opened the game ceremony, a bit “palpak” on some notes. Side comments lang. HAHA. Few minutes past, Round 1 started. I cannot describe what happened in each round because first, I am not a boxing analyst and second, I was busy tweeting and facebook-ing while watching. Multi-tasking like a boss. Long story short, round 3, Pacquiao was knocked down then he went back and gained confidence. Marquez was knocked down at Round 5. I thought from that time Pacquiao will win the game. He was wild. He was throwing punches like a boss. And then, at the last second of Round 6, Marquez throw a punch, and boom, in a shock, Pacquiao was knocked out.

My heart stood still, for a second I thought Pacquiao just won and Marquez was the one on the floor. My mind was like “What? Nanalo siya pero baka may napatay naman siya?” Then for a split second, Papa said “Si Pacquiao yun”. Then I saw Jinkee Pacquiao on the scene, hysterical, her mouth says “Manny! Manny!” She’s in panic. 
Photo Credits to Ms. Ces Drilon (Instagram)
What happened? My mind speaks again “No! Hindi siya pedeng umuwi na patay sa Pilipinas. Thats heartbreaking”. I shed a tear. For the first time, I felt really sad for Manny. I don’t know what to do. Manny Pacquiao. Knocked Out. It was unbelieveable. That moment, all that is in my mind is that “Oh God, please I hope he’s okay.” It was scary seeing him lying down unconscious. Then for a minute or two, Pacquiao went back to his senses. And the game just ended. Marquez won the title. Congratulations. What a sweet victory.

They say, “It’s not the goodbye that hurts, it’s the flashback that follows.” This time, “It’s not the “PUNCHES” that hurts; it’s the flashback that follows.” The status, comments, hash tags and everything. It gave me mixed emotions. I am so sad and down for Pacquiao losing the match. Of course, I am a Filipino, I am a supporter of my fellow Filipino and I am proud of Manny for all his achievements in his career. I admit sometimes I tend to throw something about him and his wife and his mom and their money. But now, it’s no longer about the money, it’s about making the Filipino people proud. I felt a bit annoyed of those people who make fun of the match. They were bragging about the Hermes bag and all the money that Pacquiao will gained even if the he losses the game. Common people! Can you see the man lying down in international TV? I became more irritated when I read a tweet about Bob Arum’s interview. God. Please. Stop him. He wants Manny Pacquiao to come back. No! No more come back. Please have a heart for Pacquiao. The man needs to rest. I know. I don’t know anything better than Boxing Analyst, Boxing promoters, Politicians, or anyone. But as a nurse, I think his body needs to rest. I will respect if Manny will have a rematch. But I will also respect and be glad and thankful if he chose to retire. I wasn’t a family member. I am just a Filipino supporter. I feel scared if he returns to the ring again. Seeing him unconscious inside it, oh, very traumatic. I cannot imagine him going back to the Philippines. No. Not a good idea. I maybe too exaggerated but his life will be at stake if he returns again. I kept my eyes shut when I saw Jinkee in panicked. I don’t want it to happen again. And their kids, I wish they never get a chance to watch how their Daddy fell down. It is very traumatic.

Sharing you some printscreen photo of tweets that drives me to make this blog post.

I will be delighted if he will choose the retirement. If Manny is thinking of redeeming his self, no man, you don’t have to. You did a great job. You are the Greatest Filipino Boxer. Don’t feel bad about losing this fight against Marquez. Win or Lose. You are still the Man. I know Pride will put you to saying this should not be the end of your era. But I want to let you know that if you come back or not, you have spot in the Boxing History and YOU MADE EVERY FILIPINO PROUD OF THAT!

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