Never alone.

Everything was a joke at first, I never thought I will push through with my plan of going to PRC after graveyard shift. Iniisip ko pa lang napapagod na ko. And to think I am not really used to commuting in Manila. I know some places there but I don’t know how to get there using public transportation. Probinsyana Problem 101. HAHA. To solve that problem, I have to send group messages to my friends and I am so glad that they replied to me even in the middle of the night. Lord, I am thankful for friends. Someone told me that he will accompany me but then he ditched me, without even telling me the reason. What a shame. So through the help of friends, I arrived at PRC safe and secured. That was around 11am, there’s a heavy traffic on Baclaran because it’s Wednesday. I am grateful that I took my breakfast before leaving home because when I get there the line was super duper exaggerated long. And it’s so hot. So I decided to go upstairs in the Teacher’s department area to try paying on their cashier. I was delighted to see Sir Eric, one of the ER staff; in that I felt I’m not alone, although he was far from my line. My transactions was done at around 330pm. Yeah that looonnggggg. Just for paying at the cashier, getting the Action Sheet and all. Tss Made me get mad at the government. Dear Mr.President. Joke. HAHA. Anyway, it may be a long wait but the long wait is finally over. I already have my license and my certificate of board rating and board passing will be shipped by January 3.

The original plan was to go to World Trade Center after the PRC but I decided not to because it is too late. And besides, I don’t have any clue how I can go to Mall of Asia from Lawton through public transportation. Many have told me instructions, but I can’t put my life at stake. I really don’t know how so I decided to do a little shopping at SM Manila, bought food then went home.

I am just happy at the same time sad about today.
HAPPY – Because finally I got my license. I felt independent about going to Manila alone. Accomplished a lot of things and I realized that I can do everything and anything I want, I don’t need anyone to do that for me.
SAD – While I was eating alone, I was sitting beside a group of friends and sweet lovers. I feel so sad. I was wishing I was with friends or I was with special someone. It breaks my heart.

And to that guy who ditched me! I hate you. I mean it. I’m done with you. I can no longer accept your excuses. And how gent of you to text me regarding your problem without even asking me how my day went through after you screwed up!! And err. This made my anger turn into tears. I hate you! You ruined my day. You ruined my almost perfect day. I will be better off without you. Tama na. Wag na natin ayusin pa kasi wala ng maayos. Hindi na maibabalik ang nakaraan. 

Christmas, New Year and my Birthday is coming. I can;t wait what's in store for me? Gonna celebrate it alone? NO!! I'll celebrate it with my parents and my friends. :)) I was NEVER ALONE. :D 

So sa lahat ng SINGLE dyan na feeling alone this Christmas, Tss, Don't be sad guys. Andyan ang parents at friends to celebrate with. At andyan si Lord. :) Lilipas din ang pasko. At next year, itaga mo sa bato, bibigay ni Lord ang pinakamagandang regalo para sayo. :D It'll be worth the wait. <3

Early Christmas Gift for Mom and Dad.
Still I am thankful that I went home safe and in one piece. :) Mom and Dad got excited to see my PRC License. This is all for them <3. Sorry for the haggard look. 

Reminder to self : You are blessed. You don't have any reason to be mad at the world and cry. You deserve to be happy. So smile. :)

PS. Medyo malayo yung title. Got it from my new favourite song. Never Alone by Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman. Download it guys! Para feeling Never Alone din kayo. :D

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