Fail Bloggers United x Girls Night Out x 9 Mornings

I was inactive so let me explain my inexistence for the past few days. It has been the longest 4 days of my life? Sounds OA, but for me, it was really very looooonnggggg... Excuse the title, I couldn't think of a right and catchy one. My mind is fucked up. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012.
I planned to go to World Trade Center for the Bloggers United 4. I was the same day when Mom held her Christmas Party. 

Just because I am a good daughter, I have to be there to show support for Mom. Nevertheless, Mom promised me that I can go at night, given that someone will accompany me. Dad’s choice was the ex-boyfriend, but Mom said I can go with my friends. So I am positive that I can go at night, but to my disappointment, the party ended at around 5pm, and news says that there is heavy traffic in Manila. I almost cry, really. Seriously. Mom knows how much I want to go to that event, I was even saving my “baon” so I can have extra money for the clothes and all but sad, I was not able to come. I can’t go on the second day because my duty on the 16th starts at 6pm. So I have no choice. I need to stay home.

Suddenly, a high school girlfriend, Leianne, texted me and ask if she can see me. Because I don’t want to be depressed and crying inside my room, I decided to go. It is my chance to see a long lost friend again after 2 years. 

Me, Leianne, Dezza and Misty
We had the ‘biglaan” girls night out which ended around 330am where we had to part ways because some Misty has to go home, Me and Dezza are going to attend the first “Simbang Gabi” and Leianne is so sleepy and wants to rest because she still has work on the same morning. The whole night, we were laughing and giggling and teasing at each other. We were back in high school days again plus the effect of alcohol in the body. It was a cray cray night. I forgot my frustration in Bloggers United 4. Indeed, it was a fun fun night. PS Right now, I cannot open my blogger dashboard and scroll the posts because my heart is breaking seeing posts about the BU4 event.

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Straight from the girl’s night out, I met up with Mom on the church. It was a great first mass of Simbang Gabi. 

There was Christmas light all over the church area and the plaza then there’s a band parade. I can feel the ambience of Christmas Season. I attended the first mass although I know I will not be able to complete it due to duty schedule. As expected, RHBill was part of the homily. Sorry Father but I say YEStoRHBill. Went home around 530am, then Dad forced me to sleep. That was so sweet. Haaay. So I just sleep the whole day to prepare myself for 6pm-6am duty in Intensive Care Unit.

On the 17th and 18th, it was just an ordinary duty day. I’ll come home by 7am, then sleep at around 8am, wake up at 3pm to prepare then duty. I was that busy sleeping. HAHA. Sorry. Sleeping that I tend to forget using my phone, switching the WiFi and all. Thats why I am inactive. Anyway, from my December 18th duty, I ask my senior nurse if I can go out early because I am going to PRC. This will be another post. For now, excuse my super long blog explanation. HAHA. Simpleng kwento lang. I feel good again after blogging what’s in my heart and mind.

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