2012 Timeline

3 days from now, another year will begin for everyone to celebrate and rejoice. It is the time where people look forward to what is in store for them in the coming year. Same as the others, I am excited to welcome 2013 but before that I would like to make this “looking back to the previous year” post. Before I greet hello to 2013, let me say goodbye to 2012. Let see how my 2012 went by. With the help of my Facebook timeline and some of my memory cells, I’ll try to recall what come to pass me this year.
I celebrated my 20th on a simple and boring way but I didn’t forget to thank God for another year. On the middle of the month, Me and my duty mates were off to Kabulusan Bailen Cavite. We stayed there for a week for our community immersion. This activity made us much closer to each other. I think this is the highlight of my month.

My last retreat in my college life with my beloved BSN4-1.
Received my very first iPhone as an early graduation gift. Super happy!
I decided to be back on blogging again. I’ve spent days of making my blog site as creative as I can. I asked a friend to make a blog header for me. She made 3 for me. These are the other two and the the other is  the one I'm using right now.

I am so happy that I come back to one of the things that really make my heart happy. And I promise myself not to let go of blogging.

Graduation!! I’ve been waiting for this moment. This is it. I made my parents so proud of me. Finally, after years of cramming, haha, kidding, years of studying, I made it! Bachelor of Science in Nursing! 

Days after graduation, I have to be imprison (haha) for my review so I spent the rest of my vacation with my friends. It was my first time to go home at 4 in the morning and my parents aren’t scolding me.


I feel like I’m so FREE! Yung feeling na graduate na talaga ko kasi nagagawa ko na yung mga ganyang bagay.

Roomies <3
Tame down. I have to be really serious on studying for the Nursing Licensure Exam. No more kalokohan. Just review nights. Staring at the notes posted in the ceiling and wall of our room instead of the stars in the sky. All I do was eat, study, sleep, study, take the exam, then go back to eating again. I’m a bit proud of gaining weight during my review. HAHA. It was a great time to spend with my friends and batchmates. We were like a community inside Angel’s Hills. Ahhh! I’m missing the place, especially during dusk when everyone is playing at the multipurpose court. It’s like intamurals day every day. Ultimate Bonding Experience talaga with my batchmates.

My heart was broken. This one is different. I’ve been broke many times but this time, it’s like I really wanna give up and screwed up my licensure exam. Yes, that desperate. But I tried to bounce back. I cannot sacrifice everything just for a heartbreak. Instead of dwelling on it, I tried to focus. Butterflies in my stomach every day. My family went to different places to pray and wish for the licensure exam. Prepared myself for the worst case scenario.

One thing I never forgot to do was to take some time to relax. Yes, this is important. You really need to stop and unwind. Calm down your mind because it really needs to rest before getting fired up in the board exam questions.

Since I haven’t been through the heart break, I made myself busy. I enrolled myself to different trainings which I needed for my application of job once I passed the Licensure Exam.
Red Cross Training Family
See, that’s positivity and enthusiasm. Search for every possible job I can apply to but parents are against the call center agent plan so they ask me to just take it easy and have a break while waiting for the results. In short, I was a bummer for this month.

Finally! The release of the Nursing Licensure Passers. And yes, my name is included! I cannot thank the Lord enough for giving me such blessings. 

Weeks after the result, I was still euphoric. Once again, I searched for jobs and trainings. I succeeded. Then I planned for my thanksgiving party. I can’t describe how happy blessed and grateful I am for this gift Lord. Thank you. Thank you so much.

After my thanksgiving party, a lot of things changed. I took a big decision in my life. I am 50% regretting it now. But I am still proud that I made that move. 

The decision made me the happiest girl but it didn’t last that long. Too bad. Still, this month was indeed AWESOME.

I started my Post Graduate Nurse Training at Tagaytay. I met new friends and my co-workers are so fun to be with. I meet new people with different stories every day. I am so glad that I am practicing my nursing education. 

This is my first hospital experience without a Clinical Instructor supervising me and yes my own license is at stake in every move I make. So I am doing my very best.

This is a bit a tough month for me. I have to struggle from being single to losing a friend to keeping the good vibes. This time, I learned and realize my passion to care for people. It is serving the humanity and having the passion to do it without anything in return. 

This month, I made a move to center my life to my family, my career and myself.
They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for me it’s the season to save myself from tears. I spent my Christmas Day as a Single person. Yes. I dedicated my time to my family. I was really not in the mood that day so I decided not to talk about Christmas. Honestly, I wasn’t able to go to church. It’s quite a big deal ‘cause it is the first time after 6 years that I don’t have a special someone to share my Christmas day. Anyway, I am glad that I did a lot this month. A lot of things that made me independent and making me gain back my self-esteem. I did this for myself and I am very proud that I will be ending this year with strength and love for myself. 

PS sorry for recycling my Instagram photos. :)

It was indeed a prosperous and blessed year for me. Full of surprises, happiness, tears and blessings. This year end reflection made me realize how I am blessed. There were mistakes made in this year, but I know I learned from it and that what is important. Your downfall is outnumbered by the many blessings that God has given you. Give yourself a time to reflect before you prepare yourself for next year. The best is yet to come! 2013 is my year! 

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