One morning, while I'm on the way to duty, I sent a group text message to my friends. I was a bit shocked when someone replied and says 'Kamusta training mo? Pano ka nakakatagal?'. I stop for a moment and think of what and how can I answer that question? I ask myself. Made a little reflection.

As you guys know well, (mentioned it on my previous posts) I just graduated last April and passed the board exam for Nurses last July. I am currently a PGNT in Unihealth Tagaytay. And I paid for that training. Well, everyone knew that it is the case here in the Philippines. For Newly Graduate Nurses like me, we have to go through number of trainings before getting a staff nurse position on a hospital. So I can say that, I am working on a hospital now but I am not getting paid for that. My point is, where do I get the drive to go through 12hrs shift for 3days without pay? I am not obliged to do this for grade or for payment. But I still do it. In fact I can just call it off and stop if Im tired. But hell no, I still have the enthusiasm to work. 

Why nursing? I still don't have a clear answer on that question. I'd be very honest, I took up Nursing because I want to help my family. You know. Financial. But later on, Nursing becomes close to my heart. I must say that after passing and getting the license, the whole social and financial reasons fades away. Today, I can say that I took up Nursing because it’s the course that goes well with my personality. I care a lot. To my family my friends even to other people. It breaks my heart to see an old lady/man walking alone in the streets, a child who has to work at an early age for food and a newborn who just took his first and last breath. Its no longer because of money I can get if I go abroad. Partly it matters but I can't do anything about it. If i just want financial assistance, I can go get the call center job offered to me last week. But i declined it, because it’s not my line. Nursing is my choice. And once I choose something, i stood up for it. I fight for it. I love it. 

So where do I get the drive to still attend duty in spite of not being paid or graded?

The only answer I have in mind is the PASSION. It's my passion to my profession that gives me the drive to do this. It's the feeling you get at the end of your shift and realizing you have helped relieve pain and gave comfort to someone. It's the fulfilment when your patient says Thank You. It's priceless. 

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