No. It’s not a typo error. Yes. I did type MOVEmber instead of November. Blame my Training for not making time to blog. Haha. Kidding. Oh well. I guess this will just be another random nonsense blog post. If you happen to reach this point, I’m giving you a warning -- you might not enjoy reading the next sentences. :) 

MOVE. Move on. Move forward. I kept this line in my mind every day. October went too fast that I wasn't able to see another storm coming. I’m not prepared enough to face such surprise. I blame YOU for getting used to make surprises for me. But this time, it’s a surprise that made my heart dive into sleepless night, gloomy days, fluffy eyes and bitter facebook posts. Let me redeem myself this month. November. I promise myself not to dwell on pain. But rather make myself busy and focus on my career. Say yes to my productive singlehood. :) Thanks to my training, 12hrs shift, sleep all day, hang outs with friends, random phone calls from close friends who gives comfort, text messages that wakes me up in the middle of a deep sleep and make me smile. Thanks to the family and the friends who stood up for me and believe that I can and I am perfectly fine without a man/lover/partner in life. :)

I promise myself to keep going. To keep moving forward. Though it would be hard for me to smile, i still do. It gives me the strength. I pray because only God knows what I really feels and He will be the only one who will understand me. I make sure to spend time with my family as well as my friends. Right now, they are my pillars of happiness and strength. Thank you guys for always being there.

For now, I’m giving my heart a break. I'll pick up the shattered pieces and make it whole again. And when that time comes, A better version of me, will be ready to be in love with the right one. Soon. God says I should wait for He is still writing the best love story for me. :)

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