Love Thy Parents

I am so much overwhelmed on how I started this Sunday. This is very NEW to me. Spending time with my Mom and Dad was never as satisfying and blissful as this. We aren’t used to going to church in Sundays and having comfortable and spontaneous conversation. I feel so blessed and grateful that today was different.

Mom is staying at Estancia Hotel in Tagaytay for a 3 days conference. Dad asked me out last night if I would like to come and attend mass to Lourdes Church this morning. I am supposed to attend in Silang Church, but since I so love Dad and I think I really need to spend time with them, I said yes. So at 5 this morning, Dad and I went to Tagaytay, fetch Mom in the hotel then went straight to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

Excuse The Parents at the back. HAHA.
It has been a rough October for me. Honestly, I had misunderstanding and fight with my parents. You know, sometimes, teenagers are very aggressive that they tend to forget the values which their parents have taught them. And I am guilty of that. But still I am so thankful that Mom and Dad are always there for me. Parents will always have the best intentions for their children. Even if it means happiness for their child, if they think it’s not the right or the best decision, they will oppose. This is what I and maybe some teenagers are experiencing. I lean only to the superficial things that my parents just don’t like my decision, that they don’t trust me enough to let go of me. But then, I come to realize that I may be a grown up daughter now, but still I need my family. I need them in my life, forever. Because I am forever in owe of how they raise me. One must realize that parents are really strict and sometimes harsh (haha) but NEVER EVER FORGET that they do that because THEY LOVE YOU. They love you so much that they just really want the best for you. They don’t want you to experience a minute of joy, but rather a LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS.
Lock Screen for October. 
Right after going to church, we head back to the hotel to accompany Mom then Dad and I drop by at the nearest food chain to eat our breakfast.
He is my sunDATE. :) 
This is the moment which I am very much grateful. I forgot the last time I sit and have some serious stuff with him. And today, I was given the chance to. My dad has high hopes for me. He believes in me more than anybody else. I always say this to my friends “Pag si Papa na yung galit, malayo pa lang naiyak na ko.” It is because when Dad utters even a single word, it goes deep inside my heart. Sometimes, I get mad when he is very insensitive with the words he says, but I know what he really means. Oh Mom, please don’t get jealous. You know I love you both.
Taken at Our Lady of Caysasay Cathedral in Taal Batangas. 
Today, I realize how much I mean to my family, to Mom and Dad. I was too busy searching for my TRUE LOVE. Little did I know that ONE TRUE LOVE I was looking for was right inside our home. Friends may leave. Lovers will go. But PARENTS, they will NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE. They will always be the there for you, NO MATTER WHAT. They will give you the LOVE that your heart is hoping for.

Mama and Papa, I know I’ve been the worst daughter when I answer back to you, when I yell at you, when I neglect you in times that you are too clingy to me and when I do not listen to your advices, suggestions and decisions. Sorry for being a stubborn young lady. I may not be the perfect the daughter, but I'll try to be the best daughter that you both deserve to have. I am sorry for disappointing you. I am grateful to God that He has granted me the most amazing parents in the world. I don’t promise this, but as much as I can, I will do everything to make both of you happy and proud of me. I owe you everything. I love you to both, the moon and back. 
"Honor your father and your mother,
so that you may live long in the land
the LORD your God is giving you”
Exodus 20:12

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