Let's WALK the TALK.

My mom is an Executive Unit Manager of AVON Cosmetics Inc and ever since I was a child it has always been our source of income. For the past year, Avon has this program that when you buy their “Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer” lipstick, P5.00 of which goes to the Breast Cancer patients in PGH. They also donated a Mammogram machine in the said hospital using the money from the lipstick. Every October, Avon organizes a Walk / Run for the benefit of Breast Cancer patients. Every year it became a traditional Family Bonding for me, Mama and Papa to join the walk, we call it “Family Day”. It’s just once a year so we make sure that the three of us is present. We can’t find any ways to reach out Breast Cancer patients, this is the only means we know, so we really make time for it.
Here’s a picture of me from the previous walk for Breast Cancer.

Aside from the fact that I’ll be spending this walk with Mom and Dad, I also join because of the guests during the event. This year, it was Sarah Lahbati who is the spokesperson they get for the walk. Avon’s Let’s Talk The Walk Event was held in SM Mall of Asia open grounds as part of the company’s 20th celebration of the Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer campaign.

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres were also present. I am really a fan of this couple so right when I saw them on the first line of the walk, “Nawala ung pagkaprofessional ko” HAHA. I walked, tumbled and broke my eye glasses while insisting on making pictures. FAN MODE ON :D

HAHA. It was a very successful walk because I can see a bunch of people participated in the walk. I hope this will be a great help to the Breast Cancer patients.

This program is very close to my heart since I am a Nurse. I know what Cancer is and how it affects people lives as well as how much money people spend for chemotherapy session.

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