Days After Passing The NLE

To start this overdue blog, allow me to apologize for skipping September. I can say that the month of September is the “climax” of my life this year. Anyway, details of it will be posted on another blog.
Anyway (err please bear with me. I’m getting used to this. Paki-tara na lang kyng medyo madaming ANYWAY), this blog post will be all about my days after passing the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam. For the first few weeks after PNLE, I was a BUM. I helped my Mom in organizing my Thanksgiving Party. That is what made me busy. After that, I searched for the ANSAP accredited hospitals that will hold a Basic Intravenous Therapy Training. I’ve got two options, one in Imus, Cavite and the other one is in Tagaytay City. I choose the Tagaytay one because it is closer to our house and is more accessible. Their package also is better than the other one. Honestly, I’m speaking of the free food here. Haha. So me and my other friends enrolled to it immediately.

Prince, Kaye and Me.
Since I have my resume with me, I decided to pass one in their Nursing Service Department. I was in doubt to apply on our school’s hospital since almost everyone in our batch is going to apply there too, so I am just giving them my slot. Hahaha. Kidding. The IVTraining was held in Unihealth Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center.

The fee is Php3000.00 which includes the 3 day training, free return demonstration kit, manual and food. If you wanted to have your IV cases completed in the same hospital, they will ask you to pay another Php500.00 for the ID processing.

Me, Kimmie and Prince in the last day of training.

Yay. Panalo. IN agad!

Successful ang Return Demonstration. With Sir Zy. 

Me inside the Emergency Room for my Completion of IVT Cases.
Passing the PNLE doesn’t stop in the newspaper release of the name of the successful examiners. The next step after that are the Oath taking and the Initial Registration. Lucky for our batch because our school was the one who coordinated in the PRC-BON (Professional Regulation Commision – Board of Nursing) for our Oath Taking. But for the Initial Registration, it is our own responsibility to go to the PRC office. You will need your printed oath form, which you can get in the PRC website, documentary stamp which you can buy at the PRC office and 1x1 picture in white background with name tag and pay a total of Php1050.00 for the registration then you will have your license number and the PRC officer will tell you when to come back to get the License ID itself. You can also choose to have it mailed into your home address but I guess there is an additional fee.

Now that I have undergone BLS/SFA Training, IVTraining and I have my claim stub for my PRC License, I think I am well equipped to find a job. I started passing resume from different nursing setting such as hospital, company and in clinics. I am keeping my hopes high. Be positive.
So thats it. Right now, I am waiting for my schedule of duty for my training in Unihealth Tagaytay. I hope this undetailed blog post will help new nurses out there. Good luck to all of us.

With love, DYS. 

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