Another backlogs from the laziest blogger I’ve known --- MYSELF. Haha. Sorry guys. I enrolled myself in a training and that makes me busy this past few days. SO here it is, I’m blogging what this training is all about.
Last Friday, August 10, 2012 was my mom and dad’s 26th anniversary, would you mind if I greet them first? Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I love you both.

Anyway, that same day, I registered on a 10-day training entitled SAFETY AND HEALTH INSTITUTE by the Red Cross Las Piñas Chapter.

Simon, Nimae, Kaye and Prince
Me, together with my friends went to Starmall Las Piñas to enrolled. And here are some details of the enrolment.

Applicants needs to bring 3pcs 2x2 ID picture, *Medical Certificate and Php2,500.00 as payment for the training. If you want to have a souvenir ID (Optional) from it, you will pay an additional of Php100.00.
Applicants were lined up and is instructed to go through stations.

Station 1 – Get the application form and a copy of their rules and regulation.

Station 2 – Give your ID picture and pay the enrolment fee and some additional (Optional)

Station 3 – There are available Red Cross items (Shirts and Lanyards) in this station where you can buy at the most affordable prices. (Optional)

Station 4 – Last station. Applicants will encode personal information on the Red Cross laptop and submit all the requirements.

*You can avail a Medical Certificate on the first day of the training. A Doctor will be available for consultation. You will be assessed and will have to pay Php200.00.

What are the certificate/license that you will get after this training:
Certificate of Completion (Standard First Aid)
Certificate of Completion (Basic Life Support – CardioPulmonary Resuscitation)
Certificate of Attendance in Disaster Nursing
Certificate of Attendance in Home Nursing
Certificate of Attendance in Mother and Baby Care
Certificate of Attendance in International Humanitarian Law
2 License (Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support)
1 Membership Card (the one I paid for Php100.00)

Right now, I have finished Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support. This is actually my second time to attend training such as this. The first was held in school. On Monday, I’ll be on my 6th day and the instructors said that we are going to discuss another course. Looking forward to finish this training, see the result of the board exam and get a job. :D

With love, DYS. 

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