FINALLY, the rumors have come to an end. Yesterday, August 23, 2012, the Professional Regulation Commission officially released the results of the June 30-July 1 2012 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination. And I am so proud to say that among the 60,895 board takers, I AM ONE of the 27,893 NEW REGISTERED NURSES OF THE PHILIPPINES. I am so lucky, indeed.

I am actually in my last day of training of BLS-SFA and we are having our competition/graduation. (PS I can’t blog it anymore. I will just post a photo of my certificate. Follow me in instagram—dyspacete) During the pageant I receive phone calls and text messages about the release of results. One by one, my friends are crying, bursting tears from the good news. When it was my turn to know, I was scared at first. I know I did my best, but I wasn’t sure if it was adequate. I didn’t know what else happened. I just found myself crying. Reading this message:

A friend from Canada texted me. PS Mali yung number  19613 ako. :)
ONE BIG SIGH. Relieved. Finally! Speechless. I didn’t know how I can compose this blog post but I am still gonna make one. I am in extreme emotions. That cloud nine feeling.
4 years of dreaming, hardwork, i-wanna-give-up moments. 53 days of waiting for the result. I can’t believe it. I must say I am so so so LUCKY. And I wanna take this opportunity to give back to the people who supported me in my nursing journey.

First of all, to the LORD.
Lord, I would not be in any position right now if it was not because of You. Even from the start, I ask for your blessing in my chosen profession and you are always there for me. Thank you for choosing me to be one of Your instruments. Let me be a blessing to my patients and guide me as I continue this career. THANK YOU Lord for trusting me. This is the best gift that I ever receive in my life and I will treasure this forever.

Second, to my PARENTS.
Ma and Pa, I know how happy and proud you are to me. I owe my whole life to you. Thank you for being my inspiration, my courage and my strength. Your love has brought me to become a better person and I will forever be grateful that I became your daughter. THANK YOU. My success is always for the both of you. I love you so much.

Third, to my PROFESSORS.
To the committed College of Nursing and School of Midwifery Faculty of DE LA SALLE HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE our Dean, Ms. Naomi De Aro, CONGRATULATIONS, for being the TOP 4 PERFORMING SCHOOL NATIONWIDE 99.18 % passing rate. THANK YOU for the unconditional effort, encouragement and support. ANIMO LA SALLE!
To my high school and elementary professors, THANK YOU for believing in me.

To my COLLEAGUES, Congratulations Registered Nurses.
To my FRIENDS and RELATIVES, THANK YOU for the support.
Another awesome chapter of my life has ended, and a new one begins... May God bless me.
REMINDER TO SELF – Keep your feet on the ground.


With love, DYS. 

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