Concurrency Issue

This morning, I received a DM on my twitter account from a college friend who is now in California. She told me that her application got denied because of her clinical cases. It is dreadful news and I know how she felt about it. She explained to me the problem and I ended up looking for articles about it. Here’s what I found on the internet.

FROM . California Code of Regulation Article 3. 1426.

Theory and clinical practice shall be CONCURRENT. It means that if I took my Maternal Child Nursing on the 2nd semester of my 3rd year, the date of my Obstetric Cases (Cord Care and Delivery Assist) should fall during this period. My personal problem is, I completed my OB cases months after taking the theoretical classes. Our school allowed us to complete the cases before we graduate because I think they also know that it is impossible for all 255 students to complete their OB cases (6 each student) in a semester. The States does not only deny the OB cases but as well as the Medical-Surgical cases, meaning the Operation Assist and Circulating. Sadly, it is not just California who is implementing this, but also I found out 12 other states.

I am still being positive that this problem will be resolve as quickly as possible or at least no addition to the number of states that will implement this regulation. I am making this post a little speedy because I’ve got stuffs to finish so I’m just leaving you the link of the articles I found this morning.

With love, DYS. 

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