I was thinking to have a photo dumping post but I have no pictures of my BUM life. Yes. My bum life. I wake up, survive then go back to bed. DAILY. I’m not sure how long this will take because the PRC is still not announcing the release date of the 2012 Nursing Board Examination. So just to make my life productive and do something to forget about the anxiety, I made a NOTE TO SELF. My super reliable TO DO LIST.
1. Valid IDs.
2. Clean up your desktop, twitter/tumblr followers.

Here’s a rundown on how I completed my first TO DO LIST.
I asked Mom if I could go out and apply to all government office to get my valid ID, but since I’m the only child, she said that it would be better if she will come with me to fix this thing. So last Wednesday, We went to the post office in our town. That’s the first stop. Here are the requirements, I don’t know if this applies to all municipalities.
  • Duly accomplished Application Form
  • 3pcs 2x2 colored pic,without eyeglasses, white background and in proper attire
  • Photocopy of NSO authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of NSO authenticated Marriage Contract (For Married Applicants)
  • NBI clearance or Baranggay Clearance

Requirements pa lang hassle na. I had some BadVibes moment with the lady who assisted us because she is not smiling. I felt like she does not want to entertain us. And the most irritable thing she did is that she asked my mom to paid P315.00 and gave us an Official Receipt of P175.00! Hey..what was that? Okay. Here it is,
P175.00 – Postal ID
P20 – Documentary Stamp
P20 – Lamination Fee
P100 – Notarization Fee

Mama wants to notarize the paper by our Attorney, but I insisted to pay P100, para wala ng hassle pa diba? Hayy I don’t want to make a rant. To make the long story short, Mama had to show her “kamalditahan” to the lady. Sorry. It took like two hours before I get my postal ID, because the lady said we need to wait for the letter carrier in our Baranggay to validate my application.  Plus my Voter’s ID that is still not released until now. I applied last 2010 pa, and its 2012 already. My gosh. What kind of government do we have in our town? I’ve known a lot of my batchmates was able to get their Voter’s ID na!! SOBRANG DAMING HASSLE TALAGA!

After we had late lunch at Razon’s Tagaytay, we headed to NBI Tagaytay. I smiled at Mom saying “Wow, walang tao.” Cause literally, there were only like 3 applicants and the rest are the staff of NBI. In 5 minutes, I was able to get my NBI Clearance. “Hindi pa nga nagiinit yung pwet ko.!” Applause for that kind of service! I also admire how approachable and cheerful the staffs. They even told me “Mam, ang swerte niyo naman wala kayong kapangalan.” I replied with a smile. Anyway, in order to apply for NBI clearance, you need a Valid ID and an accomplished NBI form and pay P115.00.

Next and last stop is SSS Tagaytay, I have to get SSS Number for my future employment. Good thing, Mama knows someone in SSS. Actually, that’s Tita Necy, a family friend, my friend’s mom. Thanks Tita Necy!  Had my SSS Number in 5 minutes. SOBRANG WALANG HASSLE sa Tagaytay. I don’t have to wake up early just to line up for my NBI clearance and to wait the whole day for my SSS number.
I just hope you guys will also experience the same comfort as I did while preparing my employment requirements. Share me your thoughts if you had some HASSLE-FREE or HASSLE-FUL experience in government offices.

With love, DYS. 

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