Since the 1st semester of my 4th year in college (last year), our batch is already starting the review for the Nursing Licensure Examination. We have to attend our Competency Appraisal Class every Saturday. We were taught on a comprehensive manner. We learned different examination strategies and our mental stamina were improved as we answer 200 items examination every day. After graduation, we had a 10 day vacation then we’re off to our in house review which I mentioned on my previous post. During the review, all the concepts in Nursing were taught again and drills and simulation tests becomes even harder and more in terms of number. For some time, I get tired of the same routine that we do every day during the in-house review. But when I think about my family, my energy boost up, and there you go, top notcher wanna be. HAHA.

After 4 years in college, 12 semesters, 55 days of in house review, 5 days of reinforcement and 10 days of intensive final coaching.. I told myself that I am ready for the board examinations. That I am well equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitude that a La Sallian Nurse must have.

I thank my school, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, for training me/us that way. One reason why we are very spoiled is because the school wants our batch to bring the 100% passing rate for this year’s June-July Nursing Licensure exam, since it is also the centennial year of La Salle. We all prayed for that and we know that God is beside us during the 2 days examination. Animo La Salle! 100%! :)

PS. I thank Ray A. Gapuz Review Center for our review class.

With love, DYS. 

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