One Step At A time

Yesterday, I started completing the last two items in my TO DO List post. I clean up my desktop and my tumblr/twitter followers. Hopefully right after making this post, I’ll be able to get rid of the annoying fan pages post on my Facebook but I can’t still figure out how to do that. Anyway, so while I am deleting the unnecessary things in my desktop, I ask a friend of mine, Mads Saludes, if she can create a nice header in my blog. And in turned out to be a wonderful creation. She made to for me so I can choose daw. Sweet friend! :)


I want it both but I used the first one now, maybe after six months, I’ll change my header again. How do you find the new look of my very own blog? :) I told myself that I will do this as the first step towards pursuing my passion for blogging. I have this feeling that I need to use my “kadaldalan” in writing my thoughts and my critics. HAHA. Right now, I am still composing myself of what my blog concept will be. Personal, Foodie thing, Medical related (para magamit ang pagiging Nurse) or Fashion Blog. I don’t know. Maybe a collection of the four. I hope my inspiration in blogging will help me and give some suggestions. Feeling close ko lang but I have to tag them in this post. Bianca Gonzales, Saab Magalona, Tracy Ayson, Vern Enciso, Rovie Divinagracia. Actually I was hoping that one day, I’ll get to see them or have an interview with them on how they started as a blogger and get some DO's and DONT's and the MUST KNOW's for a novice blogger like me. One Day!

Anyway, so I guess this is my first step and I am taking it one step at a time. Good luck to me. I would still be pursuing my Nursing Career. So cheers to being a NURSEBLOGGER.

With love, DYS. 

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