It took a lot of effort and time for me to reach this destination. Those sleepless nights and 8 hours shift. Those scrub suits and white uniform. Those white shoes and white cap. Finally, I have come to the most intensive and hardest evaluation examination of my student nurse life. The point where I cannot back out because I already filed an application form at the PRC and got my Notice of Admission. This is it. The judgement day for me and the first step in my nursing career. June 30 and July 1, 2012, I took the Nursing Licensure Examination. I was scheduled at Central Colleges of The Philippines Sta. Mesa Manila. Room No. 427, Seat No. 23. I am NERVOUS! My conversion symptoms are worst the day before the exam, and that I am so thankful. My mom and dad are obviously more anxious than me. But all I can do is to relax, get back to reality, and answer the 500 item examination. I try to deep breathe, I prayed and never let myself sleep during the exam even if the questions are like sleeping pills to me. I did my very best to answer every item with rationale. And I make sure that I shaded the right answers. I didn’t took any photos during the exam because I don’t like to. I didn’t want my facebook friends to know that I took the exam. It would be better if they saw my name in Manila Bulletin in the list of the passers without having the idea that I actually took the exam. Or simply, I want it to be confidential.

I am comfortable with my answer but I don’t want to be at ease. I know me and the rest of my batchmates have prepared ourselves in this examination. I entrust everything to the Lord. He will be the one to decide. And because it will take 45 working days before the release of the result, I will continue to pray for a positive result. And I hope that you could also do me a favour, please include me and the rest of my batchmates in your prayers. Thank You.

Before I close this blogpost, here are some tips for those who will be taking the board examination in the future.
1. Watch movie on the day before the examination. Preferably Comedy Movies.
2. Wear your most comfortable uniform.
3. Don’t forget to bring your Notice of Admission and the receipt.
4. Bring extra thing. Extra Calculator, Extra Pencil, Extra Ballpen, Extra Envelope etc.
5. Relax. Deep breathe. The first 10 questions is usually the easiest one, so if you get a hard time answering it, you must be in a panic anxiety state.
6. Get rid of your notes, notebook and book on the day of the examinations. It will not help you.
7. Be yourself. Remind yourself why you chose to be a Nurse.
8. Make sure all your answers came from your mind and in your heart.
9. PRAY. 10% STUDY. 90% PRAYER.
With love, DYS. 

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