Sacrificing A Piece Of Heaven.

"All by bags, I'm ready to go.."

Am i really ready to go? My graduation last April 19 is the start of my countdown to the last days before I am going to be locked in the four corners of Angel's Hills Tagaytay. On April 29, I will start my in house review for the upcoming Nursing Licensure Exam. This is heart breaking. I’ll be away from the world I used to live. For 2 months, I will be staying in the review area to be focused on the Board Exam. I know it’s interesting but thinking about living away from home and away from my comfort zone, it gives me goose bumps and activates my lacrimal gland. I am not emotionally prepared for this. I will surely gonna miss Mama and Papa along with the gang in the house. My favourite ‘inaanak’ who wakes me up every morning and his voice saying “Ninang, Ninang, kendeng kendeng ko.”. Oman, the boyfie, who tends to surprise me for the past few days. Missing you now honey. My girlfriends, who I know will have hang-outs before Jayzel goes back to Canada. And of course, the world wide web. HAHA. These and all, I will be sacrificing for the sake of passing the Nursing Licensure Exam. I know everything is going to be worth it. I know my family and my friends will keep on praying for me. I know they are all on my back to support me. I will let go the “halo-halo date” with Mama and Papa, the “make me special date” with Oman and the “walang katapusang tawa date” with my girlfriends. Just for now guys. Just for now.

And as a favour in return, I will do my very best in focusing for the Board Exams. This is just a simple sacrifice. And in God’s will, I will bring home that license for all of you and make you proud of me.

With love, DYS. 

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