This is a 3 in 1 post :) haha. Just about after our toxic schedules, graduation practices, clearance and cases. Me and my friends finally got a chance to relax and pig out. As the title says.

Haha. My college friends are addicted to Koroke. Koroke is a Japanese food? (i think so, because the one who owns the store is a Japanese) haha its like a mashed potato but its fried and have some not-so spicy spices and sauce at the top. Hmm before i get nosebleed in describing this, I'd rather share a photo of it.

Yummy! :) so that's it. I went to our Town Plaza to Pig Out the Silang Way with ny buddies, Arriane and Xuli. When I say Silang Way, I say eating the best foods from Silang. Like BBQ, Koroke, KwekKwek and Yeyeng's Restaurant specialties. :) It's the best, sabayan mo pa ng chikahan at tawanan. Super full tank talaga kami. :)

My next food trip was with my SENSITIVE group. We had that title because all of us is a sensitive one. Actually these guys are my pigging out friends. Really. Haha. Our bonding moment always is eating. And most of our gala/lakad end up in a restaurant where we eat a lot. When i say a LOT, i mean it. :) We celebrated 2 occasions 1st in Silang to eat koroke for Tano's Bday :), 2nd is in SMDasmariƱas for Jayzel's Bday Celebation. Here are some evidences. Hahaha. Sorry I dont't have a picture which has all of the members of our group. Its just a food photo diary. Haha!

With love, DYS. 

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