Best Friends Through The Years

L-R Misty, Dys, Ivy, Fria, Jayzel, Bea
High School Graduation.

I’ve been with these girls ever since first year high school. I am so proud of how our relationship became stronger as year goes by. Yes, it is true that every relationship isn’t perfect and has it’s up and down. And I am proud to say that ours is IMPERFECTLY PERFECT. Problems make us stronger. They are the best girlfriends I could ever ask for. Most reliable, dependable, supportive, loving and caring. Name it. My girls has it. We have flaws, yeah, we know that. But we complement each other and we don’t mind it. Guy friends also become part of the group and thus we call ourselves, Pucka(Girls) and Spartans (Boys). I did not know why we came up with that title. HAHA.

After high school, we went separate ways. Bea, Misty and Dianne went to Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite, Fria and Mafe went to Perpetual Help GMA, Me went to De La Salle HSI, Jayzel went to Canada and Leianne went to Manila to work. I think it was a year or two that we haven’t seen each other after high school graduation. No serious communication or what so ever. I became very busy adapting to my new environment in college. Until after Jayzel told us that she will go home. The group initially have plans of coming to the alumni homecoming on our high school alma mater and to celebrate the after party on a guy friend’s house. (Insert pic) And then after that, communication became open and we kept in touch even after Jayzel went back to Canada.
Please ADD Mafe, Leian and Dianne, who is absent in this photo. :)

taken at Bea's crib. After we fetch her from airport.
Taken at Blue Wave Starbucks.
Alumni Homecoming 2011
After 2 years, Jayzel went back home again this year. And it is quite special because most of the barkada is graduating. This time, we are matured enough to party until morning. Drink. Drunk. Roadtrip. Anywhere. Anytime. I almost called myself “KALADKARIN”. One of the girls will usually sent group messages to plan for a night out then after like an hour, we get to see each other. AGAD. Now, I believe in the saying “Buti pa biglaang lakad natutuloy.” HAHA. Since this summer I have less time to spend because I am going to an in house review. I decided not to come with Mama in the province and instead make myself available for the “maisipang lakad” with my girls and boys. This is my best summer vacation so far. Been going home at 3 in the morning for like 3 consecutive days having fun with the girls. And that’s a first time. So mature. Damang-dama ko ang pagiging graduate ko.

Here are some of our TAWANAN. KALOKOHAN. BARAHAN moments.
Me and Misty on her graduation day.
Jayzel, Me and Misty.
Misty and Jayzel.
Bea, Me and Misty.

Formal daw.

Victore, Misty, Bea and Jayzel at Tides Tagaytay

Victore, Misty, Bea, Oman, Me and Jayzel at Tides Tagaytay

My TRUE FRIENDS. I love you all. :)
With love, DYS. 

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