The Academic Graduation

“Every new beginnings come from some other beginning’s end.”
April 19,2012. 9 in the morning. Animo Center. The big day. The most awaited one. I am so blessed to share this event with the most supportive parents, boyfriend and relatives.
My grandmother (the one who bought me my iPhone4S, who came all the way from California was there to witness my graduation. Actually she wanted to attend both my Clinical and Academic Graduation, but she went home in our province and got a flight which is a conflict to my clinical graduation.

Mom, who also is from a 2 day convention, which is supposed to be a 3 day one, April 17-19, but she asked the company if she can come home after the 2nd day. She actually went home late on the 18th but I never saw the “tiredness” on her face during my graduation ceremony.

The boyfriend, who is always been a supportive one is also present.

So there it is, Mom’s beautician take part on putting make up on me. But my hair, it’s ruined. >.< I hate it. I wish I go for straight one instead of curls which didn’t even lasted for an hour. It’s really a disaster. But I did not let that ruined my day. I don’t know why I am not much excited about this Academic Graduaton. I didn’t even bought a new dress and shoes. I didn’t give much effort. I was more excited in the Clinical Grad. I was also negative about everything because we paid like 8 thousand plus for the graduation ceremony and during our practices we keep on seeing flaws. So I am like, “I hope it’s worth 8k.” Well, on the actual commencement exercise, there’s a 3 LED screen. Maybe that’s where our 8k went. I can’t feel the aircon due to the thick toga. I am super sweating. I didn’t know how my make up lasted. The good thing is it only lasted for 3 hours because our school decided to have a collegiate graduation rather than an institutional where all medical courses in one ceremony. That would be like maximum of 750 students. That would be a lot of crowd.
I was late so I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures with my friends. Only took those beside me in the line. And after the ceremony, my friends are all missing in action so I decided to have a photo op with my family instead of looking for them. Then, we went to Balinsasayaw Grill and Restaurant for lunch. Sharing you some of the most treasured photos.
Mama is trying to scold me and Oman is tryin' to explain for me. HAHA
Papa <3
The whole gang in Balinsasayaw.

Family Picture. with the boyfie.
perfect moment captured. :)

Now, I am an official LaSallian Nurse Graduate, unemployed, bum and soon to be RN.
I opened this blog with a quote, and as the quote says, this may be the end of my college life, but this is a beginning of a new chapter in my life. One day at a time, I’m starting to prepare myself for the world. I mean the real world. I am going to an in house review this April-June to prepare for the NLE. Wish me luck guys. Godbless. 
With love, DYS. 

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