When love month starts knocking on my door..

Well, time flies so fast. It's already February now and everyone seems to be looking forward on February 14. Hell yeah, VALENTINE'S DAY. haha. which is just for lovers. Anyway, I spent my February 1st with my friends. We were on a 3-day retreat / RET-EAT. We spent time eating and eating on the retreat house HAHA The retreat start on January 30, 2012. Before I went to school for our departure, Me and a friend went to a Tattoo studio near our house. Because I am really depressed for the past weeks, I really needed the tattoo. And since I am in a medical field, I am not allowed to have a permanent one, so to overcome a depression I needed a henna tattoo. Here it is.

I am the only one who decided to have a tatoo, but it end up this way..
Me and a special friend had the same tattoo.

Anyway, enough of that. Here's a picture of me being crazy on our retreat.

Crazy bitch right? HAHA. Oasis of Prayer is located in Lalaan Silang,Cavite. Its near Tagaytay so the weather is almost the same. The food and accomodation is excellent. We have recollection every year and since this is our senior year/ last year, we have a 3 day retreat, Its the time of the year when we all became vegetarian. HAHA. No, don;t get me wrong, there is also meat serve every meal but the biggest portion has vegetables. Those who aren't eating vegies among my classmates are required to eat because left overs is charge for Php100.00. Might as well eat your food than paying. HAHA.

The retreat taught me things that I'll be able to use right after graduation. It;s like a preparation for the new chapter of my life. Nobody knows what my future would be after graduation, but with God's will I know everything will be in the right place for the right reason. But of course, perseverance and passion should always be in my mind and heart. I choose this vocation because I know that from the start God really wants this for me. Every time that I feel like giving up. I ask Him, if this isn't for me, let me see the light and the fact that I am a Senior Student now, in two months I will be graduating, I must say that God choosed this vocation  for me. This is his will and I am giving my best to be a Registered Nurse, all for his glory. Okay, enough of that. Here's a picture of me and my RLE groupmates that I love so much. :))

After the retreat, I went home to Silang. Feb 1, 2 and 3 is our Town's fiesta and nothing special happened HAHA except for the number of visitors that we had during the fiesta, but the happiest part of it was when my Lola Diding came home from Houston Texas and gave me this advance graduation gift. :)

Quite surprised. :)) Thanks Mama, Papa and Lola Diding. :))

With love, DYS. 

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