Undefined weeks.

I'm such a lazy blogger. :) No, I'll defend myself. I went from a community immersion for a week then the next week was Lasallian Days. I get to watch our school's pageant from the Talent Night to the Coronation. :) So here's some pictures of my two week absent in my blog. :)

Kabulusan Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Cavite, that is where we stayed for a week. I went there for my community immersion as part of being a student nurse. The place was away from the urban area, though transportation was still available, people from that community choose to walk rather than riding a tricycle. The area is quiet, almost everyone in the community knows each other or sometimes they are related to each other. At night, you can only hear birds and leaves swaying and in the morning, roosters wake you up in "Pinas" way..

I was excited at first but on the second day of my stay, I missed my family and our house :(  The place was so different from the place I used to grow up. And also the people. I am not saying that people there are unapproable, but I cannot feel the same security and belongingness I fell when I am in our home :) Though, Nanay Coring and Tatay Poldo, our foster parent in the area, they treated us like their daughters. I am staying in their house together with Raine and Iana.

Raine, Me, Dys
Nanay Celia, Tatay Toring with the kids

Tatay Toring is our patient in Kabulusan. He lives in Sitio Cubao which is very far from our foster house. We ride our school's van to reach him every morning for check up. He is a post-stroke patient but he has is now in a good state. Although very bradycardic. But he can now do activities of daily living with limitations.
There was a time when me and my groupmates walk to Tatay Toring's house. Well, twas tiring :)

With us here is our foster parent, Nanay Coring and Tatay Poldo. This is taken on our kubo (nipa hut) were we used to eat our breakfast and lunch. Nanay stays on the house all day while Tatay goes to their farm.

With us is Gelai and Jimuel, Nanay Coring's grandchildren who often go in the house during their lunch time at school. They eat their lunch in Nanay Coring's place. They are so cute and sweet. They call us "Ate Ganda" :)

I am too lazy to blog everything about our stay in the community. All i can do is to post photo and tell you the story behind it.

1st day in RED :) Red shirt ang uniform namin that day. We had a courtesy call with Baranggay Officials at the Baranggay Hall then we meet the different Baranggay Health Workers (BHW). Later that afternoon, we met Janus, it was his 1st birthday that day sadly, he has fever and colds, so our group decided to cook something for him.

On the next day, we went to another BHW. She stayed near the Bayan (Center of the town). In order to see her, we had to ride our van going to the Bayan and then, after that our Professor told us to just walk from the Bayan to the Barrio of Kabulusan (kinda punishment for being lazy bringing OBbag HAHA). So there it is our 1hour walk from Bayan to Bario. The picture of the kape (coffee beans) and our group picture is taken at a house of someone I personally didn't able to meet. HAHA, stranger.

After the walk, we had our lunchbreak, but instead of eating we choose to sleep. HAHA that was a very tiring walkathon.
This our life. In the morning, we plan activities, Patient visit. etc and in the afternoon, we have a session with our Professor. Look at the picture, we all are restless and doesn't pay a lot of attention. Me is there beside the umbrella, I am texting and hiding my phone using the umbrella. HAHAHAHA. Sorry mam. Such a lazy and rebel student.
Me holding a "Bayawak". I ain't scared of it. I was the one to ask Nanay Coring to call the guy holding the bayawak to come near us so I can get a picture of it. :) I'm a happy child here. :)
Me and Raine going back to basics. :) We cook there using solid stove. :) Thank God I am able to experience and learn how to do this.
Me holding the pancakes. Gift from the Physical Therapist :) They shared their merienda to us.

Boodle fight with the Midwives and Physical Therapists :) Grabe, antakaw lang ng boys namin HAHAHA

Cause we heard that there is a nice falls near our place, hindi kami nagpapigil. Kahit na alam namin na bawal, HAHA. then later that day we had our dinner with the PT boys again. It was our last night in Kabulusan that's why we choose to have the best for last :))

I had a great community immersion. :) I learned how to be independent. Bonding moments with my dutymates are worth treasuring :)

With love, DYS. 

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